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Dominique’s NEWDAWN Interview for Awesome Gang

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Dominique’s NEWDAWN Interview for Awesome Gang Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written? NEWDAWN is a series of books. I was born in France and raised in Paris, had the opportunity to study in Montreal, Canada and later in the US… Since then, I have moved back and forth… I love creating, whether it is about …

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Newdawn Roamers Announcement – BOOK RELEASE

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NEWDAWN ROAMERS Announcement – Book Release December 29, 2017, Paris, France.  Windom Media Releases NEWDAWN ROAMERS, the First Novel of the NEWDAWN Saga series, a Scifi Fantasy Romance Adventure for Young Adults and the Young at Heart. Following the December 5th event in Paris, Windom released NEWDAWN ROAMERS. This first novel of the NEWDAWN Saga penned by Dominique, is in …

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NEWDAWN Launch Party in Paris – Press Release

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NEWDAWN Launch Party in Paris – Press Release December 5, 2017, Paris France.  Windom Media launches in Europe as headline sponsor with Adaming Group at The French Canadian Chamber Of Commerce year-end event in the City of Paris Townhall. (PRWEB) December, 4 2017. The event Hosted by CFCC President Daniel Jouanneau and Paris Mayor Annie Hildalgo, sees guests, dignitaries and …

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Presenting our new addition: NEWDAWN Network will bring us closer to what the future will look like when things like Nanomedicine, Domestic Robots and Climate Engineering will be an everyday thing. Approached from a very real perspective, we will have a series of Channels, such as online TV and OTT broadcasting. NEWDAWN Network will bring wonderful insights to life tomorrow ...
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Looking to the Future

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2020. Procedural storytelling. 5G. Machine vision. Eye wear embedded screens. Powered exoskeleton. Personalized medicine. Meta-materials. Photovoltaic glass. Space tourism.2022. Computational photography. Fabric-embedded screens. Synthetic biology. Carbon nanotubes. Commercial UAVs. In-vitro meat.2025. Domestic robots. Stem-cell treatments. Biomaterials. Biomechanical harvesting. VR-only lifeforms. Telepresence. Holography. Context-aware computing. Optical invisibility cloaks. Piezo-electricity.2027. Reprogrammable chips. Reputation economy. 2028. Vertical farming. Interplanetary internet. 2030. Optogenetics and ...
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You cannot manage what you do not understand.

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Most people would say to this… Well, that’s pretty obvious. I agree with that whole heartedly. Still, even if it is obvious, most of the time, we pay no attention to the meaning behind it and the repercussions it can engender in our lives. This is especially true when one deals with a topic as dynamic as the Future. Let …

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Robot Granted Saudi Citizenship

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Discover Tomorrow, Today! New Dimension Breakthroughs In Robotics… Upgraded Robots are here… Perhaps one of the prime example in demonstrating the saying “Discover Tomorrow, Today” is the new citizen of Saudi Arabia, named Sophia. She is the first humanoid robot to be given citizenship! Not only did we meet Sophia at the Future Investment Initiative Conference in Riyadh this week, …

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The Fall Of Power

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The Fall of Power began the year when the unthinkable happened… The year where the voices of reasons got silenced… The year when lies became the new language… When intimidation grew into a new code of conduct… While ignorance turned into entertainment… As manipulation transformed into currency… And self-importance lost all sense of proportion and mutated into the Nation…  Also when me …