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FEATURED SECTION – Science Fiction to Science Facts

NEWDAWN Insights An Interview with Dan Salem and author/creator Dominique Luchart

1 – Tell us about your background, professionally and personally, and what excites you most about the work you’re doing. Newdawn is a bridge between today and tomorrow and with my advertising experience, production background and my JD degree, I get to exercise these various facets in the creative and writing process I love… As a futurist and author, I …

Artificial Intelligence transforms the global digital landscape !

Artificial Intelligence Transforms The Global Digital Landscape ! Brace yourself… The future is here as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning transform the global digital landscape… although we may not yet see its impact. Do you ever wonder what is coming? I know I do. Do you worry about how you will maneuver this changing world we live in? I have indeed, …

Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Marketing In An Age of Global Relevance

Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of Marketing and Global Relevance Can you imagine a world with artificial intelligence ruling the infrastructure of an entire planet? Get ready. It’s happening. Artificial intelligence technology shapes the future of marketing and global relevance for companies. This process, as far fetched as it may sound today, is taking place. Innovation and technology pave the …

Artificial Intelligence Changes The Global Landscape

Artificial Intelligence Changes The Global Landscape For Better Or For Worse? Can you imagine a world with artificial intelligence ruling the infrastructure of an entire planet? I have, in creating one possible scenario, among many. Newdawn Roamers depicts a world where our technologically advanced society confronts its near immortality on a planet in turmoil. The novel deals with our human evolution. …

Change Happens… It is Inevitable

  Changes Happens… It is inevitable. Change Happens. We all know it. The question is how do we deal with it? It is about accepting change. Similarly, knowing that you cannot stop it no matter what, is the first step to not resisting it. As a matter of fact, this avoids stress… Not only, live the moment, but also do …

Why I love SciFi/Science Fiction – Podcast

Why I Love Scifi? Science fiction and science facts. I love science fiction and I have always loved it. More importantly though, I love scifi because I like to look over the horizon, and determine the shape of things to come. I like to envision trends and market shifts, but mostly, I like to know where we are going. Why? …

Dominique’s NEWDAWN Interview for Awesome Gang

Dominique’s NEWDAWN Interview for Awesome Gang Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written? NEWDAWN is a series of books. I was born in France and raised in Paris, had the opportunity to study in Montreal, Canada and later in the US… Since then, I have moved back and forth… I love creating, whether it is about …

Newdawn Roamers Announcement – BOOK RELEASE

NEWDAWN ROAMERS Announcement – Book Release December 29, 2017, Paris, France.  Windom Media Releases NEWDAWN ROAMERS, the First Novel of the NEWDAWN Saga series, a Scifi Fantasy Romance Adventure for Young Adults and the Young at Heart. Following the December 5th event in Paris, Windom released NEWDAWN ROAMERS. This first novel of the NEWDAWN Saga penned by Dominique, is in …

NEWDAWN Launch Party in Paris – Press Release

NEWDAWN Launch Party in Paris – Press Release December 5, 2017, Paris France.  Windom Media launches in Europe as headline sponsor with Adaming Group at The French Canadian Chamber Of Commerce year-end event in the City of Paris Townhall. (PRWEB) December, 4 2017. The event Hosted by CFCC President Daniel Jouanneau and Paris Mayor Annie Hildalgo, sees guests, dignitaries and …


Presenting our new addition: NEWDAWN Network will bring us closer to what the future will look like when things like Nanomedicine, Domestic Robots and Climate Engineering will be an everyday thing. Approached from a very real perspective, we will have a series of Channels, such as online TV and OTT broadcasting. NEWDAWN Network will bring wonderful insights to life tomorrow ...

All You Need To Know About The World Of NEWDAWN! From Science Fiction with the ROAMERS novel, the first of the series, and our ongoing look at the future with Science Facts and the advances in science, technology and innovation paving the way to a new future for all of us.

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