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Science Fiction has never felt so real.  Living in a pandemic, by yourself watching the news of the Pandemic or Net Flicks of the movie the Pandemic its hard to tell reality from fiction.  If you can think it, it can become real.  If you are on the last reruns of Star Trek with little choices left, try an incredible …

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Artificial Intelligence transforms the global digital landscape !

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Artificial Intelligence Transforms The Global Digital Landscape ! Brace yourself… The future is here as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning transform the global digital landscape… although we may not yet see its impact. Do you ever wonder what is coming? I know I do. Do you worry about how you will maneuver this changing world we live in? I have indeed, …

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Artificial Intelligence Changes The Global Landscape

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Artificial Intelligence Changes The Global Landscape For Better Or For Worse? Can you imagine a world with artificial intelligence ruling the infrastructure of an entire planet? I have, in creating one possible scenario, among many. Newdawn Roamers depicts a world where our technologically advanced society confronts its near immortality on a planet in turmoil. The novel deals with our human evolution. …

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Presenting our new addition: NEWDAWN Network will bring us closer to what the future will look like when things like Nanomedicine, Domestic Robots and Climate Engineering will be an everyday thing. Approached from a very real perspective, we will have a series of Channels, such as online TV and OTT broadcasting. NEWDAWN Network will bring wonderful insights to life tomorrow ...
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Looking to the Future

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2020. Procedural storytelling. 5G. Machine vision. Eye wear embedded screens. Powered exoskeleton. Personalized medicine. Meta-materials. Photovoltaic glass. Space tourism.2022. Computational photography. Fabric-embedded screens. Synthetic biology. Carbon nanotubes. Commercial UAVs. In-vitro meat.2025. Domestic robots. Stem-cell treatments. Biomaterials. Biomechanical harvesting. VR-only lifeforms. Telepresence. Holography. Context-aware computing. Optical invisibility cloaks. Piezo-electricity.2027. Reprogrammable chips. Reputation economy. 2028. Vertical farming. Interplanetary internet. 2030. Optogenetics and ...
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Robot Granted Saudi Citizenship

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Discover Tomorrow, Today! New Dimension Breakthroughs In Robotics… Upgraded Robots are here… Perhaps one of the prime example in demonstrating the saying “Discover Tomorrow, Today” is the new citizen of Saudi Arabia, named Sophia. She is the first humanoid robot to be given citizenship! Not only did we meet Sophia at the Future Investment Initiative Conference in Riyadh this week, …

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Top Ten Best Discoveries of 2016

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Our Progress This Year With Scientific Discoveries… Science and technology relies on our curiosity. They stand as an ever-growing endeavor for knowledge. We continually learn, study and discover new things, year after year, at each academic step. This year, 2016, maintains this trend with some of the latest top scientific discoveries. Most of the biggest stuff this year brings about a particular focus on …

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Mysterious Light Spotted Near International Space Station

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NASA Immediately Cuts Live Feed Mysterious Light On A Video Feed… If you think alien life controversy is going away, think again. The claims and counter-claims of alien life are still getting interesting. In the center of the controversy is the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Although some former NASA employees have admitted that alien life is …