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The Fall Of Power

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The Fall of Power began the year when the unthinkable happened… The year where the voices of reasons got silenced… The year when lies became the new language… When intimidation grew into a new code of conduct… While ignorance turned into entertainment… As manipulation transformed into currency… And self-importance lost all sense of proportion and mutated into the Nation…  Also when me …

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How Would You Like Our World To Be Better?

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Wouldn’t it be great if things were easier and nicer? Sometimes when I look at the state of our world, I wonder how we can trigger in ourselves a new way of looking at life. Create a sort of new value system that becomes the launching pad for a new society… one were we value each other and the things around us.

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Early Release Paladock Diary One – Shadow

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With Alert, the Newdawn Saga opens on something terribly wrong with DAINN. In addition, the city’s infrastructure is shutting down with the President of the Earth Homeland Alliance Force and two of his Elite team members trapped inside the government archology building! Suddenly stuck midway to the ground in a space elevator inside of a 500 floor tower with an anonymous attack imminent, how will they escape?