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That’s the way the comet crumbles: Hubble image shows remains of Comet ATLAS

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Skywatchers had high hopes that a comet called ATLAS would light up the night sky this spring, with forecasts suggesting it could become bright enough to see with the unaided eye. Instead, the icy object crumbled to pieces — but it’s still putting on a spectacular show for scientists. Ye Quanzhi, an astronomer at the University of Maryland, snagged some …

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The top space stories of the week!

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Hubble celebrates a generation of time in space, Starlink satellites launch again with new dimming measures expected soon, and NASA warns eager spaceflight watchers to stay away from Florida during an upcoming astronaut launch. All this, and more top stories this week from Hubble marks 30 years of amazing astronomy — and it keeps going (Image credit: NASA) The …

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Celebrating 30 years of the Hubble Space Telescope

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It’s been 30 years since NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope on April 24, 1990. The observatory was carried aloft in the payload bay of space shuttle Discovery, and for three decades Hubble’s history was closely intertwined with the shuttle’s. The telescope was originally scheduled for launch in 1986, but the tragic Challenger accident at the start of that year …