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What does the future hold?
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A New Workplace
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The changes brought by COVID 19 are indeed immediate and begin to shape new ways of doing things in our world. Soon, most of us will no longer commute to work.

Indeed, we will have adapted to live in a more seclusive environment. Our homes, a place to get away from work, will have become our workplace. Already, over 75 million gig workers, freelance out of their homes. Soon, we will see companies increase remote positions, and most business activities will take place over computers. Video conferencing will address not only professional issues but also provide social encounters and entertainment. It is a fact that we all must face.

For those of us who still have a daily commute, well in the not too far away future, and certainly by 2098 if not sooner, experts predict that we will either take new sky roads, with flying taxis, “quapods” and buses. High-speed trains will see other considerable improvements as they will bring people from one country to another. Envision aquatic superhighways, taking individuals from the Uk to the mainland in Europe? These high-speed tubes will transport us in less than one hour from one side to the other. Our skies will no longer be empty as they will fill with vehicles of all sorts, like in the NEWDAWN Saga and ROAMERS, the first book of the series. How cool will that be?

And there is more…

Awesome Domestic Bots

As if this is not enough, imagine that none of us will ever clean our own home again. Indeed, great home bots will become our helpers, finding intricate ways to multi-tasks. They will clean our houses, do the laundry, run errands, pick-up dry cleaning, order food from our favorite stores and restaurants, or simply prepare our meals. Our domestic bots will even become a confidant of sort for some. Indeed, this is what happens to Tesh and Cian, the bots designated to her quarters, after she lost her parents. He became an integral part of her life within the confines of her home. She even refused to give it up and demanded that it received many updates because she became so attached to this very special bot.

Surreal Space Vacations

Our vacation time will no longer take place on some of the famous beaches we know well. By then, climate change will have wiped out a lof to them as our oceans will keep rising, but in the newest experience imaginable, taking a shuttle to nearby space hotels. The ultimate super cool experience of the next century will see us take a load off, as we gravitate through space in a luxurious setting among the stars. It is very much what happens in the NEWDAWN Saga.  

A New Frontier In Aerial Extreme Sports

Even our sports will take a different shape. We have seen the rise of activities involving speed, height, and a high level of physical exertion in the last several years. New highly specialized gear will bring these to the next level. Indeed, it is not too far fetched to anticipate that competitions will take place in the air fifty feet above the ground or more, with hoverboards and jet packs, or even NetJet Boots, a permanent feature used by the Perfect Humans in NEWDAWN.

These are just a taste of what is to come… The next half-century promises some groundbreaking developments and grand things for our society. Indeed, by 2098, life around the world will be very different.

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