A New World Beats Down Our Doors… COVID 19 Changed The Entire Global Landscape And Shapes A Present We Are Not Ready For…

In Future Life by Dominique Luchart

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COVID 19 Changes Our Way Of Life

As an author and futurist, writing about science fiction and science fact, it seems appropriate that I reach out to you today, given what we face. Indeed, it feels very much like I am living in a science fiction landscape and inside a reality show with unpredictable ramifications. And yet, we are totally dealing with science facts.

Here we are, all of us, held away from others by social distancing, and as responsible parties, willing prisoners in our own homes with COVID 19. The new normal requires all of us to adjust to living indoors, apart from what feels natural – togetherness. We are constrained to alter our ways, and some of us feel alone, disconnected, and powerless. Some of us have families we can rely on, a better half to share things with, in these days of solitude, but others do not. Some of us have been lucky so far, for they remained healthy, surrounded by family, or even safe but alienated. Others may have fallen ill or lost a close one, due to the virus, as we have. This reality is our only constant, and no matter what, we must face it, together or apart.

While this pandemic took us all by surprise and brought us to this new harsh, terrible reality, we must remember, we are not alone. We are all in this together. Despite what we may individually think or face, millions of us are going through the same thing. This crisis may be the most significant global common denominator in history. We are all here today, facing the same thing: a pandemic we didn’t see coming, although the scientific community has warned us over many years that it could happen.

In all this, we must remember, we are powerful, we are resilient, and we are capable of overcoming anything. Our mindset is our greatest ally. Our adaptability is our strongest trait. For adapting is what we must do now. Change is already here. It is at our doorstep. Do you hear it knocking?

Rebuilding Within Translates To Creating New Opportunities And A New Way Of Life

This pandemic will demand that we modify our ways, for there is no returning to what was lost, and no matter how hard this is, we must let go of what we knew. We cannot hold on to what is lost, for it defeats who we may become. Change can bring renewed energy into our lives, creating new opportunities, and a vibrant outlook while holding on keeps us stagnant, unable to move forward, destroying our very ingenuity and purpose. So, we must let go and pledge ourselves to rejuvenation.

Letting go is something I learned to do early on in my life. I had to. I lost my dad when I was young. I lost my mom, not that far apart. Letting go is hard, but it becomes easier with time, and it does not mean that one forgets. Never. We hold on to all the good, keeping all the memories alive, rejoicing in them, allowing them to live within us, stretching the link that never dies within ourselves. It is what we must do. Shifting from what was to what is, and what can be.

So, I wish to encourage you to prepare for what lies ahead, because we are at a crossroad. Change is here, and we must expect that it will be daunting, frustrating, exhilarating, and challenging, but still, we must embrace it, for there are no other choices. Nothing in our lives will be as it was, even if on the surface some of the infrastructure supporting us may appear so.

A More Humane Global Economy For The Planet

We all wonder what the future holds? Many of us have lost jobs, or opportunities as our lives have taken a holding pattern. We have no idea what’s next or how will we survive? More importantly, how will we thrive in these uncertain times? These are questions on everyone’s mind. Whether you happen to be a guy in the US, a woman in France, a girl in Australia, or a boy in the Philippines, it is our universal dilemma.

Waiting to get over the virus curve is essential, but it also means an economy imploding before our eyes that no longer produce. It all sums up to global supply chains, wages, and productivity, which is a vast landscape. These are the landmarks of the modern economy. Yet, another fundamental factor we can no longer ignore is that these economic triggers also contribute to climate change. I know this issue is a long going debate, and I do not wish to ponder existing conflicting views. Instead, I simply want to say that if we believe in the global scientific community, it then stands to reason that global warming stems from higher productivity. It is not to say that I favor lower productivity to safeguard our planet. However, I do wish for a balanced outcome.  I seek the possibility of a change in value that serves us all for the better. In a way, a better world, more balanced, with a new economic mindset and opportunities leading us into the next century. It is a question of focus, values, priorities, and balance.

The fact is that we need a very different measure for economic success if we are to build a more humane, long-lasting healthy work environment, a socially just and ecologically sound future. Perhaps, we should look more toward human and personal success rather than strictly financial power for the few.

Toward Equitable Parity And Balance

Redefining and remodeling what is just and right does not mean radical socialism. Nor does it imply moving away from robust capitalism. It does, however, suggest avoiding ideologies of extreme while repeating the same mistakes. Yet, we live and evolve in a society with a somewhat archaic outlook. Indeed, if one observes the reality of today, governments have sought to support the giant corporations with huge payrolls over the small businesses driving the economy. It seems to be a repeat of what took place in 2008. We all saw the results of this effort on wall street and among financial institutions. We saw it too, with small businesses and the real estate homeowners debacle. So, history repeats itself once again. The fact is that while Wall Street may be the pulse, the U.S. economy is driven in considerable measure by small businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs. Like in 2008, most of them have yet to receive any kind of business relief. And among them, it is even very possible that the gig economy (75 million workers) and freelancers receive none while creating new transactions every minute of the day. The inefficiency of the market does not have the power yet to command the same benefits at the billion-dollar companies. So, what are we to conclude? It appears that the precepts on which our economy operates are indeed too old fashioned for a global digital landscape. It also seems to be the response of a somewhat barbaric view of what our system must be – providing more resources to the rich than to the poor. Today, this belief or viewpoint no longer has its place in an evolved society.

Our slowdown of the economy catapults us toward a recession or worst depression. Yet, social distancing effectively reduces the chances of higher deaths worldwide as the economy tanks. How do we measure the priorities? Opening the economy too soon will result in a likely health set-back. Waiting too long will prolong our economic dilemma unless we move altogether in a different direction. Instead of maintaining our priorities toward more production, perhaps we could look at producing effectively for what we need to live. We need the ability and flexibility to react to any future pandemic without costing us our livelihood or our lives.

The tenants of good human evolution are just that – associate value where the value lies. Our global economy sinks or swim together. Our digital landscape, which drives product consumerism across the globe, is interconnected from companies producing, to workers delivering goods and services against wages, and to consumers buying. The current crisis is an opportunity to determine how to live differently. A priority shift that allows us to focus on what is essential. People spend money on what is important to them. With our analytics today, we can understand precisely where the values are. We can determine how people value something and to what degree by how much they spend. It is significant in how we can shape our economic model going forward.

Think about it… Do we really need everything that is produced daily around the world? I bet we can do without a lot of things we really do not need and still live great, fulfilling lives. Adopting such a viewpoint will impact our planet positively, for as we produce less or more effectively instead of overly producing, we reduce gas emission, thereby taking steps to safeguard the environment for future generations.  This shift toward a new way of life is our human imperative.

COVID 19 Sped Up The Process Toward Mindless And Dangerous Jobs Replacement

There is no doubt that the pandemic will change the way we work. It only sped up a process already taking place, even if we do not yet see its widespread impact. The global digital landscape has already redefined many jobs, but this is only the beginning.

Humanoid robots are paving the way ahead. For instance, they will replace police officers on the front lines. It is already taking place with bomb squads and in the military. Artificial technology will be used to predict and determine crimes. Robots will provide personalized learning to students at home and online. You will see domestic bots clean your home and run your errands. They will implement logistics, insurance underwriting, telemarketing, administration, even your tax-returns, and transportation. Soon, we will see robots serving at coffee shops and restaurants and assisting in hospitals everywhere. We will observe drones delivering items to homes daily. We will witness robotic personas welcoming guests in hotels or soon be replaced by automatic lobby check-in machines as we see at the airport. Tomorrow, driverless vehicles will provide transportation anywhere you wish to go. Healthcare robots will give you a check-up instead of your physician. Entertaining robots will bring a new supply of personalized fun and experiences. These are only a few of the examples that come to mind today, and which will affect the workplace.

Malls across America are closing down. Some of the largest retail companies in the U.S. are filing for bankruptcy. While this, in some way, will increase our standard of living, these technological advancements will also require new creative thinking on our part. Robots in the majority will perform on tasks, not jobs, leaving an opening for creative people in the workplace. We will be doing more with fewer people, but this also means that there are pointless jobs, paying little wages that will be transferred to robots, opening the door to better positions paying more. But this once again requires change, for we have to renew ourselves, and this is never easy.

Rethinking the way we live and work is, therefore, essential. Adapting is required today. We must alter our ways or die, for we will surely be left behind.

This tremendous opportunity to review our priorities, to shift our values, while impacting our planet positively, and to affect the global warming issue we face, is here now. We can evolve into an economy that serves a broader purpose for society. So, why not imagine the alternatives we can build?

A Different World To Call Our Own

In a way, this is what I have done with the NEWDAWN Saga… As a futurist and a science fiction writer, I have brought together what I see happening today to trends forming for the future. I created a new world, a new way of life that is one of the scenarios and possibilities we can design for ourselves in the near future. Since it is a work of fiction, it takes you on a journey that parallels some of the issues we face, but in a different context. It brings forth a new kind of heroine in an action-adventure steeped in some fantasy romance beyond our time, taking us all the way to 2098 and beyond. NEWDAWN ROAMERS is the first volume of the series, and if you wish to escape today for a few hours, I invite you to check it out. Newdawn is more than a book, it is a whole new universe!

Dominique Luchart, Author And Futurist

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