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Science fiction to science facts
Terraformed Moon seen from Earth


The Future We Pave Today For Tomorrow And The Digital Landscape!

Our universe is more than a book, it is about the future and what is on the horizon for all of us.  NEWDAWN covers Science Fiction to Science Facts!

We all know that science and technology is moving at a very fast pace.  Keeping a look on these advances only provides us an opportunity to choose what we want and what we do not want for our future. Today shapes what lays ahead for humanity.

Evolution is part of life.  Science and Technology move at a rapid pace, more so than ever before.  The strides made by scientists in research around the world will pave the way toward a new future.   The advances developed in technology will open new avenues for us in the way we work and relate to others.  These will bring a future richer in opportunities, but also one where the shape of things to come may not be what we desire.

Ignoring that these changes are taking place, whether we are aware of them or not, does not help us.  Staying abreast of all that is in the work in terms of innovation is important for all of us.

Until now, we have focused on adapting our environment.  Now, we enter a new phase.  We will venture to change ourselves through the advances in science and technology.  This is perhaps of greater importance because it will affect the road we choose as human beings.  Is it not worth our attention?  Should we ignore what is coming?

This blog is about what is in development in all the fields capable of affecting our world as we know it.  It is about the transformation that will arise as we further venture onto new grounds in science and technology.  It is also about how we will see new products transform the way we are, work, play, enjoy life… and even spend time with our family and friends.  Connectivity is already affecting many parts of our lives.  Look at social networks and their influence around the planet.  The internet has already changed the way we look for information, the way we shop… and so much more.

From what was upon a time science fiction, like driveless cars, to what is today science fact and reality, this blog watches what is coming our way.  From a GPS locator in our phones to a chip implanted in our cats and dogs… and soon into ourselves, to a computer monitoring our health is not such a far fetched idea…  And so, the NEWDAWN Blog attempts to keep track of it all.  From what we call science fiction –  when an original far out idea surfaced and when once upon a time that idea becomes science fact – and the reality of tomorrow.

After all, many of us have no knowledge of what is in the works behind closed doors…  And so this blog is about all of that… And even envision one scenario for a way of life in the future with the NEWDAWN Saga!

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