Pre-Production on Wines Of The World

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Pre-Production on Wines Of The World

A unique perspective on Wines Of The World and what the future holds for the wine industries and those true wineries gems around the globe.

The ones you must visit… The vintage you cannot miss… The people with whom you will forge memories… The experiences you cannot pass up!

Accordingly, Windhorse is proud to present a new series. Currently, we are in pre-production on the show format. With a new twist, Wines of the World will begin shooting this fall. We look forward to keeping you abreast of our progress and you will receive updates regularly here.

Which 24 Wineries?

In fact, this is meant to be a surprise! We are in the process of selecting those we love, those we believe worth knowing more about, those one should visit and the wonderful vintages that they provide us. The selection process is not easy. We really like a lot of them… But we have decided based on what we wish to feature that we should limit ourselves to 24.

Where Do We Begin?

Frankly, we decided to focus on our backyard, so to speak!  So, we will begin with the California Wineries, but we definitely do not plan on stopping there. In fact, the landscape is so varied that we look forward to where this will take us.

A Little Taste While In Pre-Production…

We are not releasing a promo for the show yet… But we are releasing a promo announcing that we are making a show. So, while it does not give you yet information about the specifics of what you will be watching, it provides a glimpse at what we are preparing behind the scene.

Why Wine You Ask?

Well, I sure hope we do have wine in the future… The kind we will see and taste in the years ahead is definitely a quest and a guess for all!

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