The Next Five Years Will Challenge The US Wine Industry

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VLog on Wine

Drastic Changes Ahead…

As Drastic changes lay ahead due to the transformation in the digital global landscapeā€¦ There are other complex factors playing a role in some of the challenges faced by the wineries around the globe. It is not solely that technology impacts wines around the globe and in the US, there is also a shift in population, as well as the impact climate change has on wine making. Indeed, our population is undergoing a shift. While the baby boomers still dictate the near future of the wine industry in terms of sales, this market niche is declining. Most baby boomers are close to retiring, which means that they will likely be living on fixed incomeā€¦ And of course, there is the process of attrition for this group.

A number of issues are raised by Silicon Valley’s Bank Report of 2019 and its author Rob Mc Millan.

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