Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Marketing In An Age of Global Relevance

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Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of Marketing and Global Relevance

Can you imagine a world with artificial intelligence ruling the infrastructure of an entire planet? Get ready. It’s happening. Artificial intelligence technology shapes the future of marketing and global relevance for companies. This process, as far fetched as it may sound today, is taking place. Innovation and technology pave the way to our new lifestyles across the globe.

Similarly, radio frequency identification, and face recognition, to only name a few, transform organizations, especially retail. More importantly though, as our perspective of the world has changed due to the advances we have made with tech, computers, gadgets, and video monitoring, the greatest shift is still underway with artificial intelligence driving the insights revolution.

Artificial Intelligence Takes Its Place at the Core of our Lives

As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence fuels the greatest shift in the fourth industrial revolution. Under the influence of A.I., becoming a customer company is vital. Making this change in a predictive capacity demands a revamping of the systems, but also an alteration in the way the human element views working with a machine. This A.I. disruption is bound to trigger a chain reaction in all our established processes. In addition, the velocity with which artificial intelligence affects everything is unprecedented. It will shape a new future for all of us, before we even know it.  Whether we talk about transportation and drones’ delivery, surveillance systems, robotics, health care and genetic engineering, artificial intelligence remains at the center of it all, with martech playing a key role.

Cashierless retailing is one transformation demonstrating the power of artificial intelligence technology. Already, Amazon is opening its second cashierless store in Seattle following this new trend in multiple other locations: #Alibaba in China –; Cheers in Singapore:; J.D. I.D. in Indonesia. Https://; Watasale in india https//

With RFID Tags attached to the product, a consumer receives transaction details straight to his/her smartphone. The future is here.


A Marketers Digital Dream

These advances, changing the course of retailing, offer us a glimpse at our future. And what a future this will be…  This context provides a clear picture of the rich environment permeating the functionality of tomorrow’s businesses. A closer look at marketing reveals faster and improved methodology affecting a number of aspects for agencies and clients.

Marketing Technology Drives The Change

Martech big data will shift all our modalities.

  • Multi-dimensional consumer relationships across multiple channels will guide marketers’ choices for commercialized campaigns.
  • Customer profiles addressing specialized needs and wants will become standardized.
  • Personalized customization across wide products range and diversified purchasers’ types will appear routine, providing better customers’ journey.
  • User convenience and immediacy will reach new heights.
  • Basic operational optimization for commercialized functions like e-commerce conversions to more complex systems will be juxtaposed to deliver more efficient automation, where machine learning itself will reinvent computing.

These are but a few of the changes ahead. In the same fashion, governments are adapting to transform their systems to adopt this new paradigm. In the light of this artificial intelligence adoption, the repercussions on our infrastructure are likely to be great. Likewise, while it is difficult to imagine the extent of the change on our society, we can certainly appreciate the depth of this shift.

Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Consumers While Enhancing Marketers Results

Artificial Intelligence for data collection and cleansing, analysis, consumers’ insights, account based marketing and personalized messaging, programmatic advertising, customer communication, and content creation. These tasks at the core of transaction commerce will influence purchasers. The A.I. ultimately will control this hub of information. In like manner, the old tactics like product recommendations or predictive lead scoring will soon be linked to much more sophisticated systems. These will be aimed at furthering revenue streams and companies’ bottom line, as hyper-personalization lead a new trend in marketing.

In a few words, artificial intelligence will enhance all marketing models. It will permit better individual reach. Correspondingly, tracking behaviors and unifying data throughout multiple platforms delivers more efficient communication. The benefit is straight forward, customers will receive more relevant messages.


Human Strategic Thinking And Creativity Remain Within Our Realm… For Now

Marketers win in that mix, and so do businesses. On the path ahead, machine learning eliminates repetitive tasks. It provides marketers a more efficient way to focus on areas that matter.  Strategy and creativity reap the benefit. Without artificial intelligence, we would continue performing tedious work that take up a lot of our time. In the world of tomorrow, the power of artificial intelligence gives organizations a fighting chance to remain globally relevant. Otherwise companies will become obsolete in the blink of an eye.

System Efficiency Becomes Paramount

Our saturated digital landscape commands for more efficiency. Similarly, maintaining market shares is a challenge faced by marketers’ everywhere. To say nothing of the fact that content creation is required  to answer to the demands of all media platforms. Tailoring this content to audiences and purposes is not scalable or even sustainable. The simple fact is that keeping tracks of the amount of data requires artificial intelligence.

Correspondingly, marketers will therefore offer more value. The next-level data-driven marketing campaigns will be more on point. Integrated into ad campaigns, data will identify patterns and correlate with customers at a deeper level. This will bring further relevancy to capture consumers and entice sales.


Automation’s Next Level 

These automation tasks will save time, combining coherent, insightful written reports to enhance human decision-making. Also, they will optimize the run time of an ad, calibrating change in real time for the lowest-price clicks or lead conversions. In addition, they will provide various permutations for ad copy or images. Of course, some of these specific tasks involve predictable manipulation of data based on rules-based logic already in place. Giving the machine reference points, so that it possesses range and variety is a programming function that will be further refined. The progress in that respect will only get better.

Of course, varied context type tasks however, requiring contextual knowledge about many aspects of a business is a different matter. This demands artificial intelligence. Indeed, this corresponds to data not necessarily quantifiable from one data source. For this, we need a further evolution of our technology. We are not quite there yet, but it is a leap away.

The good news though, is that for now, campaigns ideation remains within the sphere of the human being.

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