Change Happens… It is Inevitable

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Changes Happens… It is inevitable.

Change Happens. We all know it. The question is how do we deal with it?

It is about accepting change. Similarly, knowing that you cannot stop it no matter what, is the first step to not resisting it. As a matter of fact, this avoids stress… Not only, live the moment, but also do not look at tomorrow. The now is a good place to be. In the now, you are in control of yourself.

In the same fashion, this podcast also talks about the insidious nature of change. Sometimes is jumps up at us and we wonder where is this coming from?? This is part of not always seeing patterns, trends that slowly rise to tip the status quo. I tend to look at that because I want to know what is on the horizon. Still, it is not something for everyone. We do get busy with our lives, and the external things that do not relate directly to us, we ignore. It’s all right. We all have our priorities.

Our society is going through a shift… A very important one. Our science, technology and innovation which is very exciting is paving for us a different way of life. This is a time of transformation and we are at a crossroads. What we do now changes many aspects of our lives and will shape the future. Generations to come will have to deal with the impact of our choices and decisions in a way they never had to… In this fourth industrialized revolution, artificial intelligence among many other things will transform our future. Up until now, we have change the environments around us to make it more convenient for us. Now, we are embarking on a journey to change ourselves.

The drastic shift we are about to make is insidious in nature. Are we ready for it?


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