The Fall of Power

The Fall Of Power

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Earth Beyond 2098

Copyright image Igor Zhuravlov – abstract apocalyptic background – burning and exploding planet earth in red sky, hell, end of world

The Fall of Power began the year when the unthinkable happened…

The year where the voices of reasons got silenced… The year when lies became the new language… When intimidation grew into a new code of conduct… When ignorance turned into entertainment… When manipulation transformed into currency… When self-importance lost all sense of proportion and mutated into the Nation…  When me matured into a new mantra…  When false smiles shifted perceptions… When glamour replaced common sense… When corruption altered the acceptable…

The outrageous settled in full view of all… condoned by inertia, by the murmurs that remained unheard, by those who saw and did nothing… When the voices of knowledge and wisdom quieted… unable to be heard in the chaos incited by those with hidden agendas, it found its greatest ally. It toppled all that was predictable against the odds… It permeated every aspect of our lives in a matter of months… Until the abnormal insidiously evolved to be the normal, and man’s strongest quality – adaptability. Humanity transmuted into the new downfallen angels.

It ignited when rage and anger galvanized actions…

It reached its apogee when all the good men remained silent. Those who were meant to fight for others… Those who were there to protect their brothers… Those who took a vow to stand on behalf of all… Instead, the orators of peace gave up their vision, losing their way in favor of security, facility, money and fear; buying what was sold so cheaply – turmoil.

Like a virus, it paralyzed all functions inside the seats of our government, hammering at the bastions of freedom, tricking the weak, the mad, the gullible into thinking there was no liberty, promoting a false sense of equality or inequality, encouraging suspicions, feeding discontent, breaking apart brotherhood to ultimately defeat humankind. It was so corrosive that it eroded the institutions of justice and spread through our land, reaching the four corners of the Earth with surprising rapidity, fomenting dissent, mistrust, and breaking the most profound alliances. It demolished in little time the true walls that stood tall for democracy, crashing those values we held dear, and annihilating our sense of morality…  Hate and corruption took over our globe. It toppled a world power that was the Beacon for all, forcing ridicule upon us, controlling a timetable that cut through strategic ties, breaching trust all around, and alienating friends on different shores, to eliminate influence, and in the end isolate us from all.

When the main fortress came down, there was no place left standing providing safety. For in the villages, cities, countries and continents, the citadel that had showed measure, had been swept away in the turbulence of attacks coming from all sides. Our world transformed forever… The light dimmed and the darkness expanded.

In the shift that followed, we lost the sense of who we were. One can never go back to what was… for what was, existed no longer. The months and years after the grand wave of destruction that shook our foundation, saw blood run deep and wide in our streets, shattering the core of human kindness. The great evil took root, establishing within our stronghold its new rules. Obscurity settled on the land, and reached the heart of all living.

When the sands settled after the great storm, another at first unseen, began to creep up on the horizon. It was not completely unanticipated… but we were not prepared for we had been otherwise occupied. And so, we were left defenseless…

This malevolent force that initiated our downfall was owned by some with pride, rallying the twisted and heartless. Those who witnessed it, and attempted to fight against it were jettisoned like trash. The nefarious current built, erasing all that was good. It was allowed to breach the most sacred of gifts, ourselves. In that, we betrayed who we were and what we stood for… And with that deed, we forfeited our planet in the pursuit of greed… We discarded the only home we possessed and that sustained all for lifetimes. As species died in the four corners of our world, disappearing slowly from the surface of the globe, we didn’t see. We refused to acknowledge… and when we finally were left no option to ignore the worst of what we created, we recognized indeed too late that we were next.

NEWDAWN – DAINN Chronicles 2098.

Written by Dominique Luchart

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