NEWDAWN Goes To Comic Con With An Exciting Cryo Promotion For The Fans!

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NEWDAWN goes to Comic Con, San Diego, With An Exciting Cryo Promotion For The Fans!

Introducing the Saga – To Reach Ang City in 2098, You Must Enter Cryo…

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NEWDAWN author Dominique Luchart meets science fiction fans at San Diego COMIC CON 2016. Dominique will be mingling during the convention and reaching out to hard core science fiction and fantasy aficionados to discuss the Saga’s bigger vision… Thus the slogan “NEWDAWN is more than a book, It’s a whole new universe!” takes on a completely new meaning… NewDawn is paralleled by an immersive and interactive community just for Sci-Fi Fans.

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The goal is to bring awareness to NEWDAWN and discuss the bigger vision with science fiction fans. “Comic Con is the perfect place to build awareness for the brand. With two new books coming out for the series, the timing is just right to go and meet fans of science fiction. Introducing the NEWDAWN Saga is all part of the work,” says Dominique Luchart. “People going to Comic Con are readers, science fiction television and film viewers, and of course gamers… They are all part of my market, and I hope that once they know about NEWDAWN, they will be the fan base that makes a franchise successful. The back drop tapestry of NEWDAWN is incredibly detailed. Its characters take you on a bigger than life journey. There is truly something everyone can love about NEWDAWN. The story has a lot of layers, and offers a powerful environment to craft a huge adventure. The different novels also provide the readers with a character rich inner world.”

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The NEWDAWN storyline offers parallels with our world today. It gives us a glimpse of exciting disruptive technologies to shape humankind – with perhaps a hint of cautionary tale.  Together, they play intricate and interlocked parts in what makes NEWDAWN Saga such a thoughtful window into 2098. In a way, NEWDAWN gives all of us a look of what our lives could be… based on our choices for the future.

NEWDAWN dives into the effect science and technology may have on our human species, and the adjustment to an A.I. running society by the time we reach 2098. The future perceived by the author, although bright in many ways transforms us into a new species; one that is smarter, stronger and faster and enjoys a new type of longevity without illnesses. Wired to an A.I., which oversees its well-being and runs the infrastructure of our entire planet, man is now monitored by DAINN (Distributed Artificial Intelligence Neural Network) in a technologically advanced society. Only, in spite of a way of life that offers many advantages and brings a sort of fulfillment with individual dreams becoming attainable passed thirty years of age, some still fight for control and power… Ironically, having learned much, wisdom seems to still escape the perfect humans. The young find themselves at the epicenter of all decisions, taking over from their elders at the ages of eighteen with a physiology better geared to align itself to the demands of a fast-paced world.

The NEWDAWN Saga starts with “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TRAVELING INTO THE FUTURE!” an Orientation Manual to the world of NEWDAWN. The volume includes the NEWDAWN Universal Pledge, a new set of principles upon which the world of NEWDAWN is build and aspire to achieve… It is followed by the first novel of the series NEWDAWN ROAMERS, a teaser introduction to the characters that begin the journey across time and space.

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