Drones – Guardians of the Future and of Today!

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 Drones – Guardians of the future and of today!

Have you ever thought about what a world with drones would be like? Scientists are already researching how to make this possible and companies like Domino’s pizza and Amazon have seen potential in this field, expressing interest in shipping their packages this way.

At this very moment scientists and researchers are developing drones that can transport medicine and aid, save lives and even change the world of journalism and reporting as we know it.




There is an aviation company called Matternet that is working on a natural disaster aid and medicine distribution network to speed up and make more efficient the process of aid assistance in a crisis situation.

A graduate from Austria has designed a drone that is able to quickly displace defibrillators to heart attack victims and drones that can rapidly move medication or equipment from one medic to another in order to increase the chance of saving lives.

There are even drones to help reporters and journalists in danger zones and high risk areas. These drones have already been accepted by many journalism schools. These schools across the world are teaching their students the practicality of using drones to get a story while keeping the actual journalist safe.

This type of robotics technology is being developed as we speak and will be infiltrating our society in the near future. In the year 2098 there will undoubtedly be many such drones assisting our society just like in NewDawn – Reboot, and Heather Chapter TRANSITION. Exactly this type of drone assists Heather against a brutal attack by her former co-worker, Max.  He assaults Heather in a fit of rage after punching out her new friend Josh who attempted to intervene in the situation, leading to the intervention of the Guardian drones. These drones swoop in, recording the conflict for future reference, subdue the perpetrator and take him away to a holding cell while other Guardian drones check on Heather and her friends in case they are in need of medical assistance.

These drones are not as far away from the mainstream as you might imagine. They are experimental and prototype drones being put into effect today. However, by 2016 we are expecting to see some major corporate companies begin to integrate them into their everyday usage.

If you would like to learn more about the other types of drones being created or read up on the drones mentioned and watch videos on them, you can check them out at: http://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2014/08/05/17-ways-drones-changing-world/

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