Thanks To Our Friends And Fans!

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Thanks To our Friends and Fans!

I wish to reach out personally and thank you all for following NEWDAWN.

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I have been watching what is happening on Twitter with our tweets and we are growing… The same is starting to take place with our blog posts on Facebook. I am thrilled that we are beginning to connect and get people involved with our story and also with our community.  I have been at work on this for a while and it has taken a long time to come this far…  Yet, I know we are only at the beginning of our journey with NEWDAWN.  Indeed, I have a big vision and it will take time to realize it.

So, what is the vision exactly, you ask?  Well, it started with the book, writing a story about one potential future – ours, in the years ahead, 2098 to be exact.  I didn’t want it to be too far away and yet it had to be far enough so that the plot points could be somewhat realistic.  I am not pretending that all of them are…  It is fiction after all.  But the advancements of science and technology are bound to have an impact on who we are and who we become.  Of course, because the story is a fictional one, but based on some science and technology, there are many paths we can take and with these choices, the journey truly begins…  Where could all of this lead us to?  It is the big question.

Past writing a book, I always wanted to have direct access to my audience.  As an independent filmmaker and producer, I know how incredibly important that is…  Building a channel where I can give to my audience a community to join and enjoy the story of NEWDAWN is just as important as writing the story of NEWDAWN.  This is truly where the new entertainment experience begins! This is all part of the vision of creating a community, a place for the distribution of content, created by the fans for the fans!  This is what I am doing with your help.  As such, you can be part of the NEWDAWN story and experience it!

It takes commitment and dedication, as all of you know, to start a new venture, a business based on a dream.  While NEWDAWN has been in the works for some time with the novel and the community, we are still very much at the beginning of our journey…  It is an exciting one and often times a bit of a lonely one, because creating a new world takes time, energy and well as you know, money…  All these things have to align for people to come and share in the vision and this does not happen overnight.  To gain success, one has to share this vision with a great team!  And the fact is that to get to the end goal, there is a process.  And you are all part of that process.  You are the team that helps us spread the word about NEWDAWN, and that is really how it begins, for without any of you, I would be in a big isolated bubble and going no where!  So, it is important for me to recognize the role you all play in this and to acknowledge you for every time you read a tweet, retweet it and follow, every time you read our blog or our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, (and some of the other social network we still have to branch out to) we are gaining awareness and followers and fans and this should not be taken lightly.   You are all part of our NEWDAWNERS team!

As such, I would like to send you a small gift from me to you – a small welcome of sort into the world of NEWDAWN.  Please sign up to and you will receive straight to your email our Welcome Package.  Please keep in mind that this gift will be delivered as quickly as we can, so give us some time to send it to you.

Once again, I really appreciate the support, the likes, the shares, and the comments!

So, thank you friends and fans!  See you inside the grids, NEWDAWNERS!


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