The EHAF Elite Is The Best Of The Force

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The Elite of the Clout, as we commonly call the Earth Homeland Alliance Force is a large clique of disparate individuals trained to be the best at what they do. They are there for one purpose: maintaining order but they are highly trained for combat. They are a unit moving as one.

Earth Alliance Homeland Force Faction

They stand over the rest of the Force and above the clones and the robots dedicated to ensure the security of Ang City and other megapolis within our world. They are what our government and population rely upon to maintain order.

Under President Zane Landen, they operate as one. Being part of the EHAF in Ang City is more than a calling. Some consider it a destiny. Only, scrutinizing the system more closely is it really foreordained?

As DAINN evaluates every individual on the planet, is there truly a choice or are they conditioned to take on the role selected for them by a planetary computer? For those wearing the badge, there was never another way to participate in the life within the grids.

While the Clout prepares for Concordance inside the tower of the Golden Ghetto, they may soon face an ordeal they had not bargained for…  As the population they are sworn to protect rebels against another Concord, the EHAF has to step in and among them, the Elite.  Avoiding conflicts, saving lives and helping people during planetary disasters only became part of their duties when peace was established and order maintained under the DAINN Network. It is not part of their original programming. They are fighters first, human killing machine… Will they revert back to what they know best as they face a rebellion ignited by the underground, a conclave of its own and comprised of Insurgenets?

Find out inside our grids!

See you there NEWDAWNERS!

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