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Hello Friends and Fans,

Today I wish to share some really good news!  We are growing!

Slowly we are building a following on Twitter and spreading the word.  It is a long term process and one we will undoubtedly continue for a long time, but we are excited because step by step we are making progress.


This is not the only good news…  While a step by step process is good, it is not the only way we will spread the news about NEWDAWN.  For those of you who are in the entertainment industry and know how hard it is to build awareness, you will appreciate this…

NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT is preparing something quite special behind the scene.   While we cannot release the news at this time, we can tell you  that we think it will make a big impression when we pull the trigger.  This will open the door to many new things on the horizon, but it is quite hush hush at this time and will remain so for a while longer.  Only, to pull this trigger, we need certain things to happen and the time to get it ready.  Until we release what we can call our “splash” event, and we hope it will be just that, join us on twitter.  We need you!

I have reached out to some of you in the last couple of weeks to individually ask one question…  You will remember it.  Well, we are working on this exact thing, and keeping it quiet.  And while we are preparing, everyday, we are building that visibility through our twitter following.  This takes time and determination.  Coming from a grass root approach always takes longer. Our fans will get to know us and already those of you who are re-tweeting  understand this.  You are seeing the following grow every day.  In doing this with us you are also giving yourself an opportunity to grow your own following.  This is where the steps we take together will get exciting for everyone.  So, keep at it NEWDAWNERS.  This helps all of us involved with NEWDAWN from the beginning so we can create the right awareness for our community and all the people who have believed in it from the get go.  I know there is a lot of you guys out there and we are so happy to share this journey with you.

For those of you who have not yet joined the conversation, please follow us and learn about the NEWDAWN story.  It will be a thrill for us because we can certainly use your support!

The really cool part about this is that momentum tends to have a life of its own.  Everyday, new opportunities emerge. Everyday, we get to have the chance to change the course of our lives.  Everyday, we get to make choices to build upon and grow and it is exciting.   This will make our jobs easier and things will go faster as we ramp up the NEWDAWN world.

Thank you all for the support!

See you inside the grids, NEWDAWNERS!


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