A Literary Agent Has Joined NewDawn!

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Hey NewDawners!

Want to hear some GREAT news for NEWDAWN?!  While last week we signed with a great marketing firm to help us spread the word about NEWDAWN to the world and to help introduce our fantastic new site launch, this week we have another great piece of news.

For those of you who are in the entertainment industry and know how hard it is to get representation, you will appreciate this…

It is now official, Dominique Luchart has just signed with a literary agent for representation on her first novel, NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT vol 1.  The manuscript was sent on Monday at 5pm and the next day a meeting was scheduled…  Great feedback came back on the story and Dominique and the agent met at the Soho House in Los Angeles.   The next day, a contract was sent and negotiations began. The agreement was signed and as you can all imagine, it was a bit of a whirlwind but a good one.

The manuscript will now be going to some of the top science fiction publishers in the world and there are meetings planned in New York before Thanksgiving!

Now this doesn’t mean that a publisher will pick us up, but it does mean that  we have an opportunity to get one, which make our life a lot easier when it comes to getting the word out about the novel and creating more hype and visibility for the work.   Introductions are also being made by our agent with several potential alliance partners, to help sponsor us, build the NewDawn community, and to assist and be a part of the production for our series!

This helps all of us involved with NEWDAWN allowing us to expand and create the right awareness for our community and all of the people who have believed in it from the get go.  I know there are a lot of you guys out there and we are so happy to share this good news with you!

The really cool part about this is that while we are set to go the route of self-publishing, we may not have to at this point.   So, it makes our job easier and things could go a lot faster as we ramp up the NEWDAWN world.

Thank you all for the support,

Catch you inside the grids!


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