Cool Stuff – Order Me One Of These, Please!

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Please Order Me The Cool Stuff

I can definitely see one of these waiting for me in the drive way!


As traffic in LA is increasing and becoming more difficult, this is the next best logical thing.  The cool stuff about flying cars is that we will soon be able to fly over the traffic lanes… at least until the airways fill up!  They are already working on drones so I guess it can’t be too much longer for the next best thing…  At least I hope so.

Of course, since I am shopping around, I can definitely use one of these too!  There is no better way to make my day than having my very own domestic robot cleaning my living room.  Really cool stuff too!


And how about a planned trip to the greatest city on the ocean floor?  How would that be for a change of scenery?  I can see myself diving with it all the way to the ocean floor.  Watching the depth of the big blue can certainly be restful and a way to regenerate after an hectic schedule.  Cool stuff indeed!


But since we already have a shuttle going into space, I can’t very well deny myself a trip in space either!  Now, that is if I get to go on the Virgin Atlantic one… since it is one of my very favorite airline!  Kudos to Sir. Richard Bronson on that one!  I am now waiting to be added to the list of the seekers of thrills in space.  Cool stuff for those of us dreamers?  Definitely!


Okay, so I am going a little bit overboard, but today was a great day and I just wanted to share these with you guys and have some fun because all this is kind of such a cool stuff!

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