An Expedition In The Making

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Watch Our Activity On Our Blog and Social Media!

We are preparing an expedition…


Expedition in the making – NEWDAWN


Newdawn – A New World, A New Future!  Our interactive playground is about to go viral.  At least we hope so… although we all know that this will take some time and some hard work.  Still, it is all about spreading the word.  So, stay with us, tune in, make comments, tweet, post on facebook, pinterest, instagram and any other social network you like.

Just watch and see what is coming your way and don’t miss it. It is definitely an expedition worth waiting for… a one of a kind expedition!

We are now launching a pre-campaign on Twitter.  Join us and follow the conversation.  Find out what this expedition is all about.  Follow-us and be part of what is in the making.  You will hear a lot about the Center, the hidden fortress of knowledge few even know about.  It is where everything begins in our story…  A story that spans decades…

A quick glimpse for you, friends and Newdawners…

This is about our community in the making. This is about our plarform.  This is about signing up new members to support the build-up of our community.  This is about creating enough of a following that we can seek financing, even attract a great number of supporters for our crowd funding campaign.  A campaign we cannot launch until we have enough fans!  This is about the upcoming Comic Con…  The plan is to go there in good numbers!  I won’t tell you yet what we plan to do once we get there, but keep in touch and you will soon find out!

So, go ahead and join the expedition, the first NEWDAWN Expedition!

We hope to see you there!  Inside the grids, Newdawners.


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