Heat Wave Ahead

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The Future is hot…  But maybe not hot in the way we want to envision it!

Heat waves ahead will change many of our living patterns around the globe.

Are the heatwaves that will plague Europe in the future irreversible now?  It is certainly a good question and one worth asking…  Some in the scientific community would say we have just about passed the tipping point.  If so, here is a look at what we can anticipate… by 2080!  Too many heat waves will change our environment to a much harsher climate for many of us.

Map Heat waves

Our traditional agriculture is now decimated.  We have to find new ways to grow food.  Farms scrappers may be the only way to go.  Carefully monitored indoor new farming systems  will replace outdoor farming lands, leaving behind scorched soil and barren farmland.  While I certainly like some of the images these modern sky crappers conjure from an architectural standpoint,  how sad is that for our planet?  The actual result of these many heat waves is that we will see the end of traditional agriculture for many EU countries.

Moving right along, we already have seen that major cities like Paris and London can reach in the middle of the summer temperatures over 40°C.  They already have done so in 2003 and it seems that this trend continues every summer.  Heatwaves greater than that have become annual occurrences by this time.*  I have been in Paris in July and August and it is almost unbearable now if one has no air conditioning.

In the southern parts of the continent, rising temperatures of over 50°C are recorded. Thousands are likely to die of heat exhaustion.  These heat waves are predicted to get worst.

Prolonged droughts around the planet have dried up river beds.  Forest fires rage in many places* .

We witness areas like Spain, Italy and the Balkans turning into desert nations, the climate changing to what we see in North Africa.

All these effects will cause disruptions, affecting population across the globe in one way or another.  Some say that it may provide us the opportunity to ameliorate many things in the way food is grown and manufactured.  It could even be an improvement in some ways.  I guess this is something we will all have to see…  Imagine what it will be like to live in that time with heat waves changing the conditions of our world.  NEWDAWN REBOOT is all about this and more.  Visit www.newdawnreboot.com/spotlight.

Dominique Luchart

Credit: NASA.

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