NEWDAWN 2098 – It’s more than a book. It’s a whole universe.

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NEWDAWN 2098 – It’s more than a book. It’s a whole universe.

Stay with me and discover our possible future. You will find all kinds of new technological marvels along with scientific advancements that border on real miracles! Obviously, this world and all that it brings to us is based on what is going on behind the scene of science and technology.  It is taking into account countless hours of research.  Getting a glimpse of what is going on in the labs around the world is fascinating.  Still many things remain unknown or hidden behind closed doors.   Today, some of these advancements belongs to the realm of science fiction, but they soon could find themselves falling into what we call science facts.

The changes predicted by futurists around the globe, the scientific community at large and the technology gurus out there are significant in many domains. Is all of it possible? This is the question I ask myself everyday working on NEWDAWN… Sometimes, I believe the answer is not as important as the quest itself.  Yet, the impact of these advances made in the name of science will have an incredible effect on our lives.

NEWDAWN is an exploration into the future and it is a leap of imagination based on this science and the technology existing around us today.  NEWDAWN is about our journey into a future we get to shape…  Obviously this future is uncertain, the road traveled filled with obstacles, detours and bumps.  As we today create this future, it is incumbent upon us to make it a bright one.


New Dawn Reboot World


The First Steps… Ant The Unending Questions…

Yet humanity has inherited a past challenged by many questionable if not despicable actions.  How can we pave the way to a peaceful, fruitful, enlightened future?  Will we have learned from our past mistakes?  Will we choose to do things differently? Will we ever decide to exist on this planet without wars, or conflicts or destruction of any kind?  Can we even attempt such a feat? Is it in our make-up?

Will we take the path leading to gentleness, kindness and generosity to create a world where the future is bright for all?  Our history has proven that we do not possess this wisdom.  Can our future prove otherwise?


A New Context

NEWDAWN shows us at a different place in time with different challenges and yet they carry some of the same old patterns, patterns we can even recognize through time.   Indeed we seem to carry the same viruses as always…  Yet, NEWDAWN offers a brand new context, one with many incredible opportunities.


Fast Forward Into The Future To 2098…

NEWDAWN 2098 is a science fiction fantasy romance adventure story…   Still it is very much taking into account science to gage where we will be by 2098.   Of course, the story remains fiction, bathed in imagination and some science facts.

It is a series of volumes that span many years on our planet, multiple lifetimes and another dimension.  The plot intertwines our present as the past and represents one reality, and delivers a future where our choices have led to a technologically advanced society governed under one planetary network.  The environment of NEWDAWN brings us to the next step in our human evolution.  The novels focus on a group of young people who become the hope of our species as the advances of technology and science, have made them healthier, smarter, stronger and faster…  They in fact, run the planet. Based on science fiction and fantasy, although not altogether removed from a future reality fast upon us, this tale transports us into a world where mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure are at the heart of this series of books.

Discover a good life based on enhanced technology. Wealth, health, social order, and lifestyles choices are easy beyond any imagining, and still our population wants more.


Explore a world where we have evolved to the point where everything is established for us early on and the future falls naturally into place… at least for those with means.


Uncover there hidden places where there are still plenty of inequities, behind closed doors where our leaders or so we are told, are working on improving conditions in the suburbs… outside the city walls, beyond what we call the Golden Ghetto.




The safe world of Ang City, under the DAINN planetary network, is no longer predictable for the stronger human species that now roams the planet. The technologically advanced society of genetically enhanced humans organized in conclaves and living in 2098, is now run by the younger generation when it suddenly falls prey to an unknown bio dust cloud.  As people collapse dead or disappear, a way of life becomes extinct and the few survivors scramble to reverse the effects on their fragile world.  Among them, Eva and Aidan lead the charge and fight to survive finding allies in factions that would have normally opposed them in the conflict.  This battle transcends time and space over many lifetimes, and is a beginning with no end in sight.

Behind the grid


Behind The Grids


… NEWDAWN is an enhanced world, a trans-human world where a planetary network provides everything to everyone. The young run the world and the old are mentors in permanent vacation camps. We have strength, speed, mind efficiency and… a longer lifespan.


A utopian lifestyle where better health, wealth and status reign on the surface.  Underneath, unforeseen events heavily influence the survival of the entire world.  The young learn faster, capable of assimilating in weeks skills that would normally take years, but they are immature and emotionally inexperienced.  In this environment, Eva Bassington, the pride of the Faculty, encounters Aidan Furst, the Company prized trader by day and renegade hacker at night.  Total opposites, they are drawn to each other from the first moment they meet…


The DAINN Network, created to serve humans at a time when resources are dwindling, seeks ways to become more efficient. It reapportions reserves while imposing harsh measures on the work force.  The younger generation struggles to keep up. Ill prepared to deal with imperfections, DAINN begins to fight within itself and reaches out beyond the boundaries of our planet.  Meanwhile, something quite incredible happens and it soon faces yet another evolution.  The DAINN network is no longer just a system that is alone.  It is also ELLADAIN, with a personality of its own for it has become self-aware.


Unrelated to this wondrous evolution, something settles upon the cities.  An orange, bio-dust cloud permeates everything in sight.  Overnight, everyone disappears.  The few survivors left, among them Eva and Aidan, must find out how to reverse the effects of the dust cloud.  What or who caused the trans-human race to disappear?


Time Map


A Very Different Living Environment…

Huge changes in Science and Technology were made up to the year 2040.  Some of these lead to even more marked evolution in our human condition.  By 2098, things have shifted to a point where we are now greatly engineered and symbiotic life forms or Trans-Human, as some prefer to call it.


Health and Science 

As technology advanced beings based on biology and machine, we are better.  Our enhanced capabilities built on the convergence of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, nano technology and biotics have evolved us to be stronger and faster, to the point where we can go beyond ordinary human limits.  Our digital code has been cracked and our DNA molecule can now create life to specifications.

Our DNA functions have been unraveled and gene therapy has allowed us to live longer, healthier lives.  We are genetically engineered and we have learned to integrate more technology into our bodies, working with implants to maximize our efficiency in all fields.  We now have expanded memory, perception capabilities and processing functions beyond ordinary humans.


Water Resources, Distribution and Surveillance Systems

DAINN oversees our resources and allocate our distribution systems.  Cloud intelligence has evolved to provide an active resource in our daily lives, performing analysis and conveying contextual advice. Virtual agents design our environment to our own liking, including assisting in weekly menu based on everyone’s health profiles, establishing fitness goals for each individual, and allocating preset life styles according to taste preferences.

Due to water restrictions and the world limited supply of fresh water, DAINN establishes systems for more efficient distribution, sometimes even rationing the population in various districts or grid areas.

DAINN surveillance system is unparalleled.  It watches everything, everywhere.


Weather Phenomena and Environment

We can predict more accurately the weather on our planet.  Huge climatic events have already shaken our world and our scientists have found ways to alleviate some of the problems, but it is far from over.  We live under the threat of multiple storms that can unleash havoc on our lives at any times.

As a source of protection, and with solar energy we maintain a climate control dome over some of our cities especially when predictions of catastrophic weather is foreseen by our scientists.  DAINN maintains that system.


Our Infrastructure Based on Conclaves

Under the guidance of DAINN, the council dictates everything.  Behind the scene, the Company influences our policies.

The Company handles products dealing with technology, transportation, science, manufacturing and electronics.  It specializes in each of these fields to maintain a lead and control the main areas of our economy.  A huge portion of our real estate market both residential and commercial is developed and managed by The Company.

Instead of finding new ways to continue an expansion that no longer can be sustained due to over population and diminishing supplies, our leaders are re-apportioning and re-allocating our resources. They create jobs with the development of products that are superfluous and this rekindles a lagging economy.  The Company leads the charge in that respect and our governments are happy to comply for it helps their own political agenda.

The large marketing machine convinces the population that new consumer items are needed, essential even, for a better life and by the time they hit the stores, it is usually frenzy.    This includes all our imps, embodied avatars, anti-aging drugs, beauty restructure, and even our domestic robots, which have become a permanent items in most of our households.

The Company


The Faculty moves as one.  It serves the health of the entire planet.  Universal care demands the autonomy of the medical community and its own independent infrastructure.  The Faculty has that luxury and rules its own.

The Faculty is at the core of the advances made in medicine.  It implements among other things, the new implants installs for everyone.  These are dictated by the Institute.  This in practical terms means that it constantly updates and expands the capabilities of our civilian population.

It also takes care of planetary general health issues and oversees administering millions with new remedies, procedures, and treatments.  It treats patients with curative, preventive, and palliative care although we now have a much better handle on life expectancy. Our technology allows everyone to live better lives and longevity is at the heart of our evolution.

The Faculty staff keeps up with new findings, constantly advancing in many domains like genetic biology, evolutionary stem cell research, organs replacements and downloadable brain transplants, as well as bio robotics… This requires that it keeps up with The Company and its new products.


The Faculty


The Institute evaluates every citizen at an early age to determine their potential.

Every human soul demonstrating special skills or some type of ability is tested to examine the level of capabilities and their potential field of expertise.

Each member of society qualifies for an early assessment although those most favored go through the system at an earlier age.

Immediacy is a factual state, efficiency the epitome of personal power. Everything counts.  Results and accuracy matter more than money and trigger a social status few can claim.

DAINN is able to track everyone, every newborn into adulthood.  DAINN follows every human soul across the entire planet.  DAINN provides everyone what they need most to achieve the highest performance level for themselves, and reach what some call the height of perfection.

At the root of our social structure, our planetary network ascertains the maximum effectiveness for our people and governments, whether these are based on our workforce or our natural resources.


The Institute


The Science Research Center or SRC is home of the DAINN project. It hosts some of the best scientists in the world in all scientific fields. At SRC you have multiple divisions all working together to find answers in many branch of science and elucidate rules that govern the natural world and the study of the universe.

From formal science with decision theory, logic, mathematics, statistics, system theory and theoretical computer science, to physics and chemistry, from earth science that includes ecology, oceanography, geology, meteorology to life science that encompass biology, zoology, botany to even social sciences, everything is covered thoroughly to advance our society. What department needs to work on specific project and does not have, it can find in another. Cooperation is the sacred word.




The Earth Homeland Alliance Force or The EHAF

Our world is now governed by a Federation of Countries. The Earth Homeland Alliance Force is the security guards of the Federation. Under the purview of one group comprised of the leader of each country, the Earth Homeland Alliance Force oversees the security of the Planet. It enforces laws, maintains peace, and deals with world security issues.

The Earth Alliance Force is headed by one General who answers to the leader of each country. The EAF works in the field within each territory under one Commander. It unilaterally implements the security measures adopted by the Federation.

At its disposal is a core group of security clones deployed as City Vigils, Guardians and Custodians for the sole purpose of maintaining order.



Join us and take part in this adventure.


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