What Is It About NEWDAWN That Fascinates People?

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An inside look…  A peak behind the curtain…  What is it that fascinates people about this new world?  NEWDAWN is a new world, one where a technological advanced society is better in many ways, and yet…


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” In my world as a reporter, any time things are kept secret, there is a story.  Working for the DAINN Network had frankly been a boon for my career.  I was one of the best known faces of the network… only now, I knew that my time was counted.  I was no longer in the center of news reporting.  I was on my way out.”

” The reality was that I had leverage.  Over the years I had accumulated information on people that now I utilized to maintain my position as part of our broadcast team.  It wasn’t pretty, but there were plenty of people who preferred to have their secrets kept off the news and these were people in power… and here I was summoned to the Company – a rare occasion in the life of a reporter.  There could only be one answer to that question.”

” … People were different.  People I knew, before the change, before they got younger, healthier and better…  I was investigating the Company about a new product that was not openly on the market.  Longer lifespan had increased in our population.  People were getting younger looking, but only recently.  Yet, nobody wanted to talk about it.  This was a big story.  One that could get me the limelight again.  Only, there was no reason for me to be called in to see their executives.   I was not an obvious choice to handle a story for the Company.  They would normally contact one of our most recent reporters for any coverage they wanted from the DAINN Network.  Fresh blood was easier to control.  So, what do they want from me?”    

NEWDAWN is about the potential we have as a species.

Excerpt from NEWDAW Diaries – REBOOT

Segment from Diane Stone Diary One – CASUALTY

Written By Dominique Luchart

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