The Writing Of The NEWDAWN Novels

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The writing of NEWDAWN started with an idea… about the disappearance of people  in the course of one night.  Imagine an entire city without anyone in it except for a few survivors, and envision that city being in the future – a megapolis, so huge that it could be the size of a state.  Can you visualize it?



Think about walking empty streets in a city that has turned into a graveyard.  What would you do?

This is the reality Eva Bassington wakes up to one morning, after the impact of the dust cloud and the hated day of Concordance in Angel City, just after she has met Aidan Furst again, after years of looking for him.

The concept grew to include a tapestry of other characters around our leading ones, and soon , I found myself having fun contemplating how all these characters from different backgrounds and walk of life would deal with the same issues as Eva.  The different factions within this modern society were then born under my fingers (as I typed the next chapters)…  bringing to the forefront people from the Institute, the Science Research Center, the Faculty, the Company, and even The Academy as well as those leading the government and the military, the EHAF.

In a megapolis as large as Angel City, different forces have to be at play so the plot thickened… with that the Insurgenets, a force residing in the old underground city and against the way the DAINN system has come to regulate the lives of the population was created to intensify the conflicts in the story line.

Personalities seeking power, other testing the system, while each group rallies to maintain their hold on an agenda they only know about until the unexpected happens with no explanation… yet!  Well, I cannot tell you that now, can I?  

Romance, suspense, action can be found in the pages of this unconventional science fiction thriller that describes a world and tells a story in a sort of non-linear way, with a vivid cinematic style.

I enjoyed writing the story and now that the manuscript is completed, I am already eager to begin the next volume of this series.  I hope you will enjoy reading it!

Then, I realized that I had crafted something much bigger in terms of concepts and values.  Something that could be built upon and had some fundamental resonance with what we are about to see as our future unfold…  Based on the science and technology and the advances that we make today, I foresee certain applications that can radically change who we are…  So, the sotry became more meaningful and took a life of its own, as so many stories are meant to do.

See you inside the grids NEWDAWNERS!



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