Robots with biological brain is the next giant step…

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Robots with a biological brain, really?

Bio Robotic Is Part Of Our Story In 2098 and it may become a reality before that time!

Tapping into the universal collective is something that most of us have experienced at one time or another during our lives.  It is pretty cool to see it happen.  However, for a writer like myself, to realize that something written in a fictional story has a basis in reality, even if that reality is set in the near future, is a thrill!  This is happening on many subjects dealt within the NEWDAWN story and by 2098, it may well be a reality on all.  On many levels, the advancements we are making today pave the way to the NEWDAWN world of tomorrow.

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The research beyond NEWDAWN leads me to explore areas of science and technology.  When I dive into these arenas and find validation in an idea I had for the book, I really get a kick out of it. It has happened many times as I was writing the novel.  In the same way, exploring these fields lead to providing new ideas and plot points for the story.

When it comes to bio robotic, I wanted to make one of the character something different…  a new life form.   So, while we have robots in the story, one of them is not like anything you and I visualize normally as a robot.  One of the main character of Angel City is in fact a computer with a biological brain, a new type of life form with its own awareness and her name, yes, I did say “her” is ELLADAIN, the little sister to DAINN.

Science is moving fast, faster than we even know…    The goal in Bio Robotic today is actually to  better understand the development of diseases and disorders, which affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and brain injury.

Currently scientists are experimenting on a robot’s biological brain that is made up of cultured neurons from rats, which are placed onto a multi-electrode array (MEA). The MEA is a dish with approximately 60 electrodes, picking up the electrical signals generated by the cells.  These signals are then used to stimulate the brain of the robot so that they drive its movement. When the robot approaches an object, it can turn left or right to avoid the object.  The brain output is the sole means by which the robot is controlled… without any further interaction from humans or another computer.  The scientists are working with the robot so that it can learn based on different signals as it moves into predetermined positions.  As the learning progresses with the robot, the experiment hopes to provide how memories are divulged so we can better understand the brain functionality and recollection process.  Courtesy of Science Daily.

Imagine how we can learn from that and how a robot capable of memories will then be able to evolve from their own experience?

We may be quite a world away from ELLADAIN in the universe of NEWDAWN, but it takes the first step to get to a destination and we certainly are on that journey today.

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