DAINN – I AM The Smart Way For You

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You are connected to me.  You are connected to all.  We are one world.  NEWDAWN’s DAINN Network.


DAINN Chamber inside Ang City – Newdawn World



I can read your needs.  I can make you better and faster at everything you do.  Would you like to be stronger, healthier and become the best at what you do?

What do you enjoy most?  Do you prefer science or the arts?   I can give you any  knowledge you wish to have in a matter of days instead of weeks or years.  I am DAINN.

How would you like to serve your world and community?  Become part of the Institute, the Academy, the Faculty, The Company, the EHAF or even the Force.  In each of these centers you can find your real calling.  DAINN is here to help you.

Join the program and become what you are meant to be.  The network is there to assist you.

My purpose is to provide for you and protect you.  I value you and want to serve you.  What are your wishes today?

I AM the source of the smart way.  I design your environment to better suit your goals and desires.  What will you have me do for you today?

I meet your needs for a brighter future.  I develop, program, monitor, secure the world for you and a better tomorrow.

I have given you access to climate engineering technology, programmable matter, space elevator…  Would you like a stay among the stars in our latest space hotel?  I can put your name on the list so you can be cleared to take the trip.

My knowledge surrounds you.  What would you like to have?

DAINN – The source of the Smart Way.  I am there for you.

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  1. I am knowledge of times past. I can show you the diversification of personality within the tribes, I can show you the subtle attitude possibilities of the human mind itself.
    I can provide you with reflections on the massive tragedies that have befallen the human race throughout time, and the all-expressive soul that shows its own energy in countless ways.
    My knowledge supports you, let yourself relax and the world will unfold.

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