Back To A New Fall After Writing Retreat

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Back To A New Fall After Writing Retreat

A Summer of Writing and Playing…



While I have continued our work, I have kept a pretty low profile throughout the summer months.  I guess the novel needed attention so I could focus on finalizing the editing of it.  This of course didn’t hurt my own personal battery, which also needed a recharge.

With the start of the fall there are a few things that are in the works along with a welcome renewed energy.  So now to the latest news…

The editing of the manuscript is almost complete.  Many more diaries have been added to the fold of the first few you have been made privy to through our store.  These will not go out to the public.  We are keeping them under wrap until we know what our strategy for the launch is…  One of the big news is that the manuscript of the novel will be going to a literary agent by October!

About our launch strategy, we are working behind the scene on a new landing page!  This will be the page we promote this fall.  It is exciting and fun and will help create visibility.  We will let you know when it is up so you can go and take a look.  Part of this tactical approach is currently in the works with a coordinated effort developed with the help of our soon to be Public Relation agency.  While things are not yet finalized, we are currently brainstorming the marketing.

In addition, we are going to keep optimizing the current site to make it faster.  Jain is working behind the scene to gain speed.  Our navigation to enhance our user experience will be undergoing a change as well and so will our page designs.  The site will only open in phases so what you know will not be what you see at first.  So, there is a reason behind the madness!

Stay tuned.  You are up for a treat in the next two weeks… right about when we launch the landing page!

See you inside the grids Newdawners!


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