NewDawn Diaries Reboot Diary Available! Heahter Diary One- TRANSITION!

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Hello NewDawners!

In our previous Diary, Paladock Diary One- SHADOW, Dr. Paladock is on the verge of discovery and creation. Just when he is at the epitome of a lifetime of work and dedication, everything goes wrong. In this diary we come to understand more about Paladock and the work he has dedicated his life to. We also get a better glimpse of DAINN and how the system works and interacts with the global network. We also are introduced to Elladain and we get to know a little bit more about her and why she is so vitally important to Dr. Paladock.

Heather Diary One - Transition--cropped

With TRANSITION- Heather Diary One,

Heather must fight to keep a position inside the Faculty as Concordance rearranges everyone’s jobs and lives. Her specialty has become a limited department with low demand because of globally regulated population rates. If Heather wants to maintain her position within the Faculty, she has to act fast. Heather is thrown right into the thick of things in the great hall where Concordance is being held and just as she attempts to switch her field, her co-worker Max, intervenes.  Will she make it in time?

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As a Special new release you can also find North Diary One- FREEFALL, now available. Meet North and learn about his work in EHAF or The Force along side Zane Landen, President of the Earth Homeland Alliance Force.

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These insights into the world of our characters within Angel City are invaluable. Follow their story. Get to know them. This gives you information about some of the events each of you will face in our web series or witness as the story line unfolds. Aidan, Heather, Eva and North are featured in BULLSEYE, TRANSITION, AND FREEFALL!

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Hope you enjoy the Newdawn Saga!

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