Our ComicCon Adventure!

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Hello NewDawners!

As you may have heard, NewDawn Diaries Reboot had and early sneak peak introduction at this year’s ComicCon!

Our very own Brett Stimely, aka Zane Landen, President of the Earth Homeland Alliance Force, gave a great interview to KUSI-9 and NBC-7!

Comic-Con 2014 Across the tracks 2

This was a great chance to get our feet wet with a little bit of exposure and this let us gather some interest for production! Hopefully our ComicCon adventure grabbed some of our fans and sparked some enthusiasm  for NewDawn Reboot!

This allowed us to get the lay of the land for next years ComicCon as well. For next years adventure to ComicCon, we will have a panel and a team to boost our story out there and promote the production of our series.  We plan on being there the entire weekend!

We hope you are all excited because we certainly are!

ComicCon was and will be a wonderful way to get our production out there for all of our current and potential fans to see!

Thank you NewDawnders, See you inside the grids!

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