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SHADOW, Paladock Diary One, opened with an amazing new discovery. Dr. Rene Paladock has just finished his secret project and is certain that he is about to make history with the birth of what he considers to be the best work of his life. He has discovered the secret that will allow him to change the course of the DAINN network itself. Except, something goes horrifically wrong inside the grids and just as he thinks his new creation will take effect, the SRC loses control of the infrastructure of the entire city. Find out more in the next Diary, BULLSEYE…

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In Aidan Diary Two – BULLSEYE, Aidan is learning to fight. He wants to learn things in a natural way, without implants. But how can he do that when everyone and everything nearly requires them, just to function at the average level of expectation in Angel City? Aidan is determined to find a way. He has a good intuition and he has learned to listen to it. But today, his intuition is screaming at him that something is very wrong.

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Learn more about Aidan, his rebellious attitude and his motivations. Learn more about what is happening within the DAINN System and what effect it will have on all in Angel city.

As a New release, you can also find Eva Diary Three – CONCORDANCE, now available in our store. Discover how Eva plans to handle Concordance and all of the unruly new recruits under her jurisdiction. Learn about her infatuation with Aidan and how she decides to help a friend in desperate need. Understand the impact of Concordance on all sides.

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These insights into the world of our characters within Angel City are invaluable. Follow their story. Get to know them. This gives you information about some of the events each of you will face in our web series or witness as the story line unfolds.

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