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Hello NewDawners,

We have  added some updates to the site that you should all check out! A cool new page layout for our Journals, awesome new logos for the various organizations within our grids and edgy icons to keep everyone interested…  This will switch things up and bring a hip new look to our site. We are hoping that these changes will excite our fans, bring in more interest and amp up the hype for NewDawn Reboot!

We are also just finishing up the format to launch our first video Book Trailer! There will be a new RUN video available within the next week for everyone to watch and enjoy with more soon to come. A brand new squeeze page is in the works and we will used the same type of format for all future Diary Cinematic Book Trailers.  Catch a glimpse on Thursday…

Along with our first Book Trailer video launch of RUN, we are beginning our outreach SEO and SMO to our fans.  This will drive traffic and interest to our content and our site.  Watch as we ramp up and stay tuned!

 The Diaries are now also available for sale on Amazon and will soon go on sale on our site as well so if you have not downloaded your free copy, make sure you do now!  We will not make these available via other links.

Our strategy to build excitement about what we are doing is being launched this week and we will keep you posted!  So we hope you enjoy the latest improvements!

Have fun and see you inside the grids!

Thanks NewDawners!

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