NEWDAWN Universal Pledge To Shape Our Future

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Hello Newdawners…

The Newdawn Universal Pledge to shape our future goes out to the world…   Under the DAINN Network, the pledge became an official document of the Earth Homeland Alliance Force during the Earth Peace Treaty.


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Newdawn represents the best of the new world.  This is the next evolution.   The leaders, dreamers and the shapers that hold these values to heart are populating our newdawn society.  It is an exclusive group of people who belong within our universe to be the architects of a better future.  This future begins now.

This is how things started after they got worse for all of us… with new ideals for a new way of life.  Our future life!

Today, Ang City is one of many cities within Newdawn that adheres to the premises of the pledge and follow its dictate.  The laws of the city are built upon them and every travelers entering the grids, every resident setting up residence within our landscape, every citizen and world citizen uphold the spirit of the pledge.  This is mandatory.

Within our grids, conclaves work together to establish a better tomorrow.   Each faction is responsible to uphold its spirit… while they reign over their own, fulfilling their place in our technologically advanced society.  Even our underground, the Insurgentes or Surgs believes in the pledge.  In that we are all united and our population stands as one to represent what we hold dear within the world of Newdawn.

Change begins with every individual within our universe.  Building a better world has never been so important inside Newdawn.   Creating this new foundation has never been this essential as time are still hard even within our technological grids.

To enter the world of newdawn one has to subscribe to the Newdawn Universal Pledge.

This promotes our transformation from the old ways to a new way of thinking.   Support Newdawn and spread the word…

Make the pledge go universally viral!


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