The Role of our Newdawn Factions – The INSTS

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News from within the grids…

Meet the INSTITUTE in the Faction Landscape!

They are called the Molders…  because they influence the life direction of those who enter the system based on the DAINN Evaluation .  To many people within Angel City, they are part of the commonly called “Brainery” for they are the shapers of the next generation.

Based on the personality characteristics and natural attributes of each of recruit, the Institute determines the best field of endeavors for individuals within the grids.  The Evaluation takes place at age five.  After that , once inside the system, the children are followed by DAINN.  The Institute helps in selecting the types of implants necessary to fulfill the positions for each candidate that is enrolled within the program.   The role of the molders is to follow from the first imp install each individual and monitor their results, guiding each applicants to the next level within the levels of accomplishments as established by DAINN.

It is only when a candidate has reached proficiency with their imps that they are moved into the Academy for further training…


Meet The Factions2



The Players:

Marigold Sone – GOLD – Head of the Institute Recruiting Program; competent, efficient, uncompromising and with a hidden agenda of her own.

DAY – High ranking second in command within the Academy; ambitious, courageous and conflicted.

AMARA – Recruiting officer; caring and considerate, determined and with strong will power.

ZANDRA – DAINN Council Member; Institute Representative, Clever, defiant, and opinionated.

ALAN – Academy Graduate – Artist on the rise; funny, friendly, energetic, honest and humble.

BRECCAN – Academy recruit, undergoing training; articulate, cautious and confident.

CELIA – Academy recruit, undergoing training; popular, arrogant, judgmental, and inventive.

PAZ – Institute recruit, undergoing orientation and additional imps; lively, loyal and naïve.


We will begin production soon.  An Alert Bulletin will be issued next week.  Our initial production schedule will provide you the upcoming dates.

See you soon Newdawners!


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