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Hello Newdawners!

In the previous Diary, Aidan Diary One – ATTRACTION,

Aidan fights the demands and pressures of his work at the annual party.  As the day of Concordance is winding down, the unknown bio dust cloud approaches the city.  At first, it seems that there is no real danger.  The cloud could just be another storm.  Used to the unpredictability of the planet’s climatic events, the inhabitants do not see the strange phenomena as a threat.  The dome serves as a protection against such incidents but Aidan feels quite differently about it.


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And now with DESTINY-Eva Diary Two,

Eva finally sees Aidan at the party after many years but the Chaos of Concordance on the inhabitants of Angel City comes between them.  Their reunion is suddenly forced aside as turmoil wreaks havoc on the party. A rebellion has formed…  and interferes with an evening full of promise.  In this Diary, read more about Eva and Aidan and how they met at the Institute during their early years.

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As a SPECIAL early release, this week you can also find Paladock Diary One – SHADOW now available in our store. Meet Dr. Rene Paladock and learn all about his work and his secret project that he believes will change the world as he knows it and the course of the DAINN network itself.

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These insights into the world of our characters within Angel City are invaluable. Follow their story. Get to know them. This gives you information about some of the events each of  you will face in our web series or witness as the story line unfolds.  Eva, Aidan, Paladock are featured in Attraction, Destiny and Shadow!

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Hope you enjoy the Newdawn saga!


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