Early Release Zane Diary One – ALERT

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The latest from inside the grids…

With RUN, the Newdawn Saga opens with the unexpected happening in the world of Angel City. The first sign of DAINN being compromised happens in ALERT. Something is definitely wrong, but what? Zane and his team attempt to find out…

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Zane Diary One – ALERT shows the first indication that something is wrong with DAINN. As a signal rings the Alert within the grids ever so briefly, the city’s infrastructure starts to shut down. The President of the Earth Homeland Alliance Force and two members of his Elite team get trapped in the government archology building. In the 500 hundred floors tower, they are suddenly stuck half way to the ground in the space elevator. What or who is behind the attack?

Find out who Zane Landen is as President of the Earth Homeland Alliance Force. Discover North as the dedicated and uncompromising Elite team leader and Jeze who seems to have a very developed sixth sense.

As a SPECIAL early release this week you can also find Eva Diary Two – DESTINY available in our store. Learn how Eva and Aidan entered the Institute and how they met!

Both Diaries are now available in our on line store and will remain FREE for one week.

This insights into the world of our characters within Angel City are invaluable. Follow their story. Get to know them. This gives you information about some of the events each of you will face in our web series or witness as the story line unfolds.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get this diary FREE. The promotion is only for this one week. We will be adding one diary per week!

Remember, talk about it to your friends, send our fans to get their copy too! Let them know they can get it for FREE in our on line store this week!


Next week you can look forward to Paladock Diary One – SHADOW!

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