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The Role of our Newdawn Factions – The Ghetts

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Meet the Ghetts in The Factions Landscape!

Each faction plays a role in Newdawn and each member of our population is evaluated under the DAINN System.

Meet The Factions

The Ghetts are the leaders, the people that are part of the elite, and influence our government. They belong to the top layer of Angel City and inhabit the Golden Ghetto. They are the privileged ones and those who make the rules under the DAINN Network. They are ensconced within the infrastructure of NEWDAWN at every levels.

The Players:

  • President Zane Landen – President Earth Homeland Alliance Force; though, disciplined and driven.
  • Ozias – Rich Council Member and Philanthropist; opportunist yet sensitive, loves the arts.
  • Lake – Daughter to President Zane Landen; spoiled, independent, likes taking risks.
  • Verana Silver – rich art patron with enormous influence; beautiful, intuitive and strong.
  • Anton Maxwell – trust fund kid, charismatic, selfish and careless.
  • Diana Stone – Well known reporter to the DAINN Network; knows things she should not.
  • Philip Kirn – Son of a powerful family, in the know about everything, mysterious, distant.
  • Delphine Bloomfield – daughter to one of the most powerful industrialist of Angel City; intelligent, pragmatic, free thinker.

As we begin the production in July for the first of the MindTranscripts and Vlogs, we will call on some of the Ghetts leaders like President Zane Landen. But we will mix and match the productions schedule with the different factions based on the story.

This will be different when we begin shooting the series, as production based on each of our factions at least initially.

Expect some news on our production schedule by the end of the month!

Getting closer to shooting you guys!! See you inside the grids!

Thanks NewDawners!

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  1. So exciting Dominique!!! Can not wait to start shooting! WOOHOO!!! I appreciate all your and your team’s hard work up to now.. Making it happen! 🙂

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