Early Release of RUN – Eva Diary One!

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Special Promotion!

Eva Diary One RUN 8.5x11inches

One Week Promotion FREE!

Hello NewDawners,

You can now download your FREE copy of RUN, the NEWDAWN REBOOT Diary Series!

Get Your Eva Diary One – RUN for free for one week!

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Our Online store is opening with the first of the NEWDAWN REBOOT Diary Series starting with Eva!  This first diary gives you insights into the world of Angel City and some of the events each of you will face in our web series or witness as the story line unfolds.

Do not miss the opportunity to get this diary FREE.  The promotion is only for this one week.  We will be adding one diary per week!

Remember, talk about it to your friends, send our fans to get their copy too!  Let them know they can get it for FREE in our on line store this week!


Next week you can look forward to Aidan Diary One – ATTRACTION!

Thanks NewDawners!

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  1. This is fantastic, I am so looking forward to reading it later today! The journey continues….

  2. Loved the diary entry! Suspenseful, full of intrigue and so much going on in this world! Can not wait to find out what happens when she enters the apartment and what about this otherworldly dust? I am hooked!

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