NEWDAWN – Amara Journal Entry 1.1.15

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Amara is a member of the Institute and works with each recruit as they enter the Academy.   She is a determined girl with a strong will power and understands the challenges the Institute faces… the requirements for new recruits are demanding and hard to meet…   While she wants to help each and every one of them, she has no authority to do so beyond training them.  Whether they are ready or not,  she has to process them for there is no time under the new mandate they have been given these days.



Here we grow talent.  I nurture people. That is my job, my responsibility within the Institute.  We mold and shape and create the best individuals we can with the potential to fulfill their greatest achievements. It is our goal and our mission. The Institute is the place where the DAINN system optimizes every one of us… and our trainees achieve so much!  This work is not without challenges. We are dealing with people here.  Their emotional state, their conscious awareness is what we manipulate. It is rewarding to see them overcome the adaptation process and feel great about themselves and their new skills. We have helped many. Today, a little girl got to see at night for the first time so very far… she was so excited about it! I am awed at our progress and what we are capable of doing now. We have come so far.   But tensions are mounting and my superiors are on edge. I guess Concordance has something to do with that…




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  1. You are doing great work Amara! The trainees are lucky to have you!

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