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Hello SciFi Lovers, Fans and Friends…

If you like science fiction and want to be part of a new adventure, this is for you!  Register for NEWDAWN and get your welcome package!   This is an early registration into the NEWDAWN community.   Get your place as part of the VIP list and become a member in the exclusive pre-launch of our Traveler’s group.

While the site is not yet open, you will be privy to a lot of things in the NEWDAWN Universe.  Check-out our blog, Spotlight!  You’ll also have access to the behind the scene, learn what we are working on, find out about the team and how you fit in all that…  You can participate in our content, as we slowly unfold our vision and our world.   Take part in the build-up of NEWDAWN!


If you enjoy stories like I do and like to explore new universes, join us now! NEWDAWN is a place where you can even play a part in the story.  Find out how and get to know us!    NEWDAWN is a brand new concept and a new type of experience.

By registering now, I am also adding you to the first Expedition Members list, so you can reach NEWDAWN.  As another bonus, you will receive your very own copy of the NEWDAWN Universal Pledge to get you ready for our world and your very own Cryo I.D. Badge.  Indeed, in order to reach NEWDAWN, you have to enter CRYO!  Other benefits and privileges will come your way as we get closer to opening the first phase of NEWDAWN. So, go ahead, register now!

Watch the NEWDAWN – REBOOT story unfold.  NEWDAWN is more than a book, it is a whole new universe, created for the fans by the fans.  Be part of it and participate in our story!

Don’t miss your chance.  Join us now!

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