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Hello NewDawners and Friends,

We have a new Home and About Page and A Lot of Action Behind The Scene!


Things are quite busy in our NEWDAWN world.  We have made some changes to our Home and About page.  Take a look when you get the chance.  Our newsletters and Alert Bulletin are being archived on the site for those who want to see what is happening on an ongoing basis with NEWDAWN.

We have held a final casting call last week for our two leads and we have our Eva and Aidan!  We are now doing a call back this Thursday to see the chemistry between the various actors.  Stay tuned, we will let you know how we are matching them up and announcing our various factions within the next week.

Behind the scene, there is a lot of programming going on.  The coding has to do with new features, site enhancement and automation.  This will ultimately relate to a better user experience.  So bear with us.

Meeting with investors are going strong.  This is a big deal for us.  It will take us to the next level.  Wish us some good sailing with that so we keep the wind in our back…  We always can use that!

For those who are not part of our Beta version, you can send us an email if you want to join.  We will be adding new people to the site soon and we will keep your email to send you an invitation when things are ready for you to come on board with the next round of members.  At that time we will be delighted to see  you join our community.

Thanks NewDawners and friends!


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  1. Very exciting indeed! May the investor journey fill your sails with wind to carry us ever closer to 2098 and NEWDAWN! All my good energy and vibrations heading your way!

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