Celebrate With Haley Read On Joining The NEWDAWN Cast As Toril

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Join us in celebrating Haley’s new role on the NEWDAWN Diaries – Reboot series where she will play Toril…

Haley Read

Haley was born in Austin, Texas but grew up in the small suburb of Leander. Her family knew from an early age that she was destined to be to be a performer. To satisfy that need Haley started competitive cheer-leading when she was 5 years old. By the time she turned 14 years old she had worked her way up to collegiate level and had five National Championships under her belt. During this time Haley kicked off her career in modeling and eventually found her niche in acting.

Haley moved to LA in 2012 and is currently following her dream as a working actress. She is planning on attending college to major in acting and minor in business. When not pursuing her craft you can find her at the beach surfing, or in the mountains snowboarding. She also considers herself a full time adventurer, ocean addict, and adrenaline junkie.

“I am really looking forward to being being a part of the NewDawn Diaries, the concept is new and exciting.  I can’t wait for the journey into this new world to begin. It’s going to be an amazing adventure and I cant wait to share this experience with the fans!”  


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