Genetic Engineering Impacts Us… It Will Irreversibly Change Us!

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We are on the verge of an enormous change. Already chimera species are used to understand the specific role genes play in embryonic development. While this may lead to a better understanding of genetic mutations in humans, it can be the beginning of a whole new era for us. The latest experiment created with donor cells from rhesus monkeys turned up to six distinct embryos into three baby monkeys. According to Dr. Mitalipov: “The cells never fuse, but they stay together and work together to form tissues and organs.”


This is the prelude to our transmutation. While we may become healthier and stronger, live longer and ageless, one should wonder how else this will affect us and whether this evolution will change our humanity.

In NEWDAWN, doctors like Eva Bassington have insights into what genetic engineering is doing to us and how it affects who we are…  Working within the Faculty, she is one of the most prominent minds of our era in that field.  While she sees the benefits, she is also aware of the cost.  No longer confronted by ethical considerations that still existed in 2012 and 2014, she uses gene therapy not just for treatment.  Enhancement, modification or alteration of a human beings’ appearance, adaptability, intelligence, character or  behavior is the norm.  Under the DAINN system,  there are many such alterations.  Transhumanists among us consider the enhancement of humans desirable, but there are still pockets of resistance among our society.  They remain well hidden inside the city grids.  Outside the walls, the humans that have refused to submit to these, live among small communities and fight to maintain their natural ways.

Apart from the constant genetic improvements that exist, man’s nervous system is connected to a distributed artificial intelligence neural network – a giant network memory app – one powerful planetary mind. As such, humanity is now linked physically and bio-technologically to machines capable of reading our needs and influencing our external world to our own liking. We are a new singularity, a new species roaming the Earth. By 2098, we are a new paradigm…

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