NEWDAWN And The Undiscovered New World

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Our Story in the early days…

We are on Earth but the future has changed us. We have knowledge and are technologically advanced, which provides all that we ever need and want, up to a point. Though we are still fighting through years of abuse on our planet, things are getting better. Our ecosystem, still in flux, is rebounding and there is finally hope.

Blue Planet

The Role of SRC…

SRC and Scitech are branches within our world where career opportunities abound. They always have… This department is what has pushed our evolution in many ways. Within it, space activities is given a huge budget. Our scientists had to look at alternatives when things got really bad, here on Earth. With a successful series of discoveries, they were finally able to improve the climatic change and alleviate some of the catastrophic events that plagued us back in 2040.

As part of the innovations that were made, were frictionless engines providing a new propulsion system for space travel. The establishment of facilities in space came next and after that, commercial trips to the moon. Since then, our bustling space industry has established a base of operation around our planet. Several space stations have sprung creating new working cities building the next generation of work-related space industries. New vacation packages emerge with options featuring “sleeping with the stars” becoming one of the most popular destinations off Earth. Functioning space elevators are used to transport people and supplies. Yet, in 2098 while we travel into space and have established hotels among the stars, we are still unaware of so much.

And in all that we do not know, is where we fail…

The Discovery That Never Should Have Been Made…

Years ago, our scientists discovered a rogue planet floating through space. It is a scientific fact. It happened sometimes around 2014. It was then named CFBDSIR2149. It is a planet with four to seven times the mass of Jupiter. It was then the first free-floating object to be officially defined as an exoplanet and not a brown dwarf. This was just the beginning… because behind this blue planet, was an undiscovered new world, something more powerful than any of us imagined… something that will disrupt everything.

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