Discover Our World in 2098 and Be Part Of The Adventure!

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NewDawn is where the world we know today will be in 2098… Science and technology evolve at a rapid pace. Leaps are made in both of these realms and the implications of these changes will transform our world. As technological advances gather speed and science whispers promises of a better life, we remain who we are and what we are… We ourselves do not shift, at least for now. How long will this last?

While our lives have evolved focusing primarily on improving our surroundings, this era brings about a new proclivity – that of advancing ourselves for the age of the machine. We have reshaped the world around us for many centuries. The map of our transformation lies ahead. We can envision its impact. One has to be willing to look and see the road of evolution unfolding. Are you that person?

In our near future, we will center our attention on ourselves and make improvements on who we are, and how we can be. We now become the focused object of our own whim and design.

In NEWDAWN, 2098 is one of the pinnacles of our transmutation. By 2098 the research made in the field of Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology and Biotic will converge affecting our performance as human beings. This will permanently alter us.

Get into the story. Find out more about it. Meet our characters. Enter the landscape and have your voice matter.

You can do that now for FREE as a Traveler and while you visit our landscape win Allegiance Ranking points and earn ND Currency!

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