Can Security Issues Concerning Our Food Supply Be The Cause For Alarm In The Future?

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How will we feed the world by then?


Predictions for 2050 already surpass what was anticipated in terms of “mouths to feed.” Indeed our global population is growing much faster than expected as U.N. demographers revised their projections upwards to 9.6 billion by 2050 and 11 billion by 2100. This is almost a whole billion more than the 10.1 billion projected for the century’s end in 2011, a mere two years earlier, points out Science Daily.

Certainly this is something that concerns DAINN in 2098 and President Zane Landen. In spite of its superior brain, the system cannot change the repercussions created by decades of neglect. When Angel City’s supplies run low and certain citizens inside the huge metropolis become disgruntled, our Security Elite Force are required to be deployed by Landen. One of its members, Talia, is directly ordered to maintain the peace in one of the most violent grid areas and enforce this mandate at all costs.

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