How To Make Your Present Connections And Human Capital Asset Work For You In The Future

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How To Make Your Present Connections And Human Capital Asset Work For You In The Future

th (22)Using your contact base is not an unattainable goal. For most of us we go about our days making our agenda count and working many hours to achieve our objectives. We can forget that working smart will get us better results than working hard.

Working smart means thinking about your connections! There are simple things you can do to enhance their impact on your life.

Check the ones you already have. Who are they? Do you have a clear understanding of what these contacts mean to you or can do for you? Make a list beside each name. What have you done for each of them lately? How do you plan on keeping these contacts and make them count?

Thinking about this can open up new avenues. For instance, they can bring you more contacts and some of these can be exactly what you are seeking to add to your contact list. I know it has for me.

If you are not sure who you want to add to your little black book of connections, perhaps now is a good time to define it. Make a list. Add to it what you may want from each one. How do you plan on getting in touch with them and what you can offer them? Once you have outlined this, you can determine an action plan to move things forward.

This can actually help you realize what you are missing to further your career or dream. Who are the people you would like to connect with in the future? Make another list. It does not have to be a long one. It can actually be five names. It is a start. What do they mean to you? What can they do for you? What can you do for them?

By giving, you get to receive. Provide value and you will receive value. The more you give, the more you get. The more you do for them, the more meaning you have in their lives. This simple rule has served me well and this continues to be true every day.

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