How to Build Connections That Work For Your Future

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How to Build Connections That Work For Your Future

When you look at connections, you should consider that there are those you have and those you need to make. The ones you need to make belong to either the short term or the long term future…

  1. Look at the connections you already have and determine who these are. Assess what you have done for them and what they have done for you. Then, resolve how you are going to maintain these relationships healthy and beneficial for both parties. Plan how you reconnect with them if you have not maintained the connection lately.
  2. Appraise the relationships you need to establish on the short term. Elucidate what you want from them and gauge what you can do for them. Once you know that, define how you can make the connection.
  3. Establish the contacts you wish to garner for the future. Study who they are and what you would like from them. Estimate how you can bring them into your sphere of friends or acquaintances. What could attract them to you? How can you connect? Where? How do you plan on getting to know them?

By fine tuning your vision about what you can do with your actual connections you establish a game plan that allows you to maintain these current contacts and make these relationships thrive.

By determining who you want to eventually meet and get to know, you build an action plan that allows you to act towards your goals and eventually connect with them. Now, think about this…. if you ask yourself what you can do for these new contacts you are about to make, rather than asking what these contacts can do for you, well the power is really in your hands, isn’t it?

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