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CityWide Recruiting is on line to welcome our first recruits!

Angel City is now open to accept candidates within our grids.  Imagine the life you want for your future and build it with us.  Shape the future of our world.  Wonder at all the things you can achieve and make them happen. Become an Aspirant within our universe in 2098 today!

Come along and uncover the secrets of NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT  and the world within the grids of Angel City.  Explore our landscape and discover the players.  Follow along on the journey of our characters and take the adventure yourself!

What would it be like to have the power to influence outcomes?  What’s it like to become a winner and receive acclaims?  If you were to understand how easy it is to experience this now.  Notice how this idea makes you feel… Be challenged by unpredictable events and overcome the odds while you pave the way to a brand new way to entertain and have fun.

As you follow along in this exploration today, I’m not sure just which of these aspects you’ll find yourself really enjoying and embracing, but I think as you imagine that, you’ll feel this is really worthwhile.

It really excites me to be sharing this innovative new universe with you and radically transform our creative lives for the better… so I thank you for allowing me to uncover this for you today.

How do you know when you are ready for this?

The more you watch, the more curious you’ll become.  The more you think about it, the more interesting it becomes.

When you find yourself among the first to enter our grids, you will be pioneering a brand new universe.  Imagine… just imagine what it will be like…

The first 500 Travelers who enter Angel City will automatically be among the ones to receive a FREE Resident Status when we open that level in a few weeks.

In joining our community: NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT today, remember you get your membership as a Resident for FREE for an entire year!  Do it now.  It’s easy.  Click on this link and register.

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