What is Your Body Worth?

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What is Your Body Worth?

For a doctor like Mick, who is reluctant to rely solely on implants to fix a problem, life is easier. He is alerted by the system and prepped for a patient before that person arrives in the ER and he knows what is coming… His expectations are set in reality.

The Doctor of Tomorrow

In 2098, our environment within Angel City knows to take care of itself. Our smart city can pretty much fix any problem due to our DAINN system. And while our entire infrastructure is now overseen by our network, it is also taking care of us.

You see, the beauty of the system in the world of NEWDAWN is that it also monitors our individual health. With genetic sequencing, we have a map of our potential illnesses and can cure patients with individualized treatments. We have the ability to immediately diagnose the extent of an injury. Our own DNA even holds the key to our longevity and new methods are in place to prolong our lives, even renew it…

Our health is monitored 24/7 by DAINN. Millions of patients around the world are hooked up to their own care agent, who immediately alerts a medical staff in the event of an emergency. A change in our bio rhythm, in our blood pressure, heart rate and our overall metabolism is registered and immediately addressed…

We are irremediably linked to a computer. While this provides incredible benefits, we also have lost something… we no longer have the privacy we valued for so many years. Is the loss of privacy worth a body free from diseases under tomorrow’s medical care?

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